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24Jan 2019

Smart phones

Posted by : Jindal Vidya Mandir VidyaNagar Mandir
Category : Jindal Vidya Mandir, JSW Township
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Smart phones

Now a days our parents are caring  for their smartphones then us. If we want to  play with them, they get distracted by the calls and prefer to pick it up right away. when we call them, if they are talking with someone, they do not give the response. when we go outside in the market and are talking something very important then they will be watching their smartphones. when my father comes  from the office he has the  time for his smartphone but not for us.

I wish to in the old world where parents had the time  for their children to play with and listen to their stories.

By Nikethan

Category:8-10 years


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Jindal Vidya Mandir VidyaNagar Mandir

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