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07Jun 2017

Space News - GSLV MK - III - Rocket

Posted by : Sridevi S
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The Chairman of ISRO Mr. A.S. Kiran Kumar announced that India launched the heaviest rocket on June 5, 2017, from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on Monday from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

As a proud Indian, I could not stop sharing this information with you. A historic day and we all preferred to call it BAHUBALI. What really made me more excited is to know that one day it can carry astronauts to space. Isn’t it amazing? I am sharing with some astounding facts which will make you wow with further amazement.

Some facts:

1. Its height is 43.43 meters

2. The total time taken to build was 15 years.

3. This vehicle cost Rs.300 crore.

4. Its weight is around 640 tons.

5. The first India's satellite which provides internet services. 

6. This satellite is powered and developed by the cryogenic engine.

7. The propellant agents are liquid oxygen and hydrogen are used in this cryogenic engines.

Aren't you proud of this? Jai Hind!


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Sridevi S

Hi everyone I would like to share information about GSLV MK - III - Rocket

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