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25Jan 2019

Stop child labour

Posted by : Jindal Vidya Mandir VidyaNagar Mandir
Category : Jindal Vidya Mandir, JSW Township
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When one day I went to the market with my parents and I felt very hungry so we went to a restaurant.  There when we sat one younger boy aged 8 to 10 years old he came to clean the table.

I asked my father why he is working then he replied his family might not have enough money to survive. So, he is working like this. I personally wanted to talk with him, but he only knows Telugu. But my mind is always questioned. Why he is working? Why his mom or dad not giving him education.

Why his mom or dad can’t make a small penny. So, he can at least take a basic education. So, he has also right to play like us and he has to enjoy the childhood. If like this situation will continue then how our nation grow, only richest person will get the education.

How they can know the wrong or right. As a child in a school we are learning so many things like dancing, singing, harmony and so many things, what will be future of country.

Any how we need to stop this child labour to see the child labour has grown more than 50% in urban area.

There are 33 million child labours between the ages of 5 to 18 years in India as per censes 2011 data and 10.13 million between the ages of 5 to 14 years official figure show that they are our 12 million child workers in India.

We have to really think of this and government has to take a further step in that. The two child policy has to be incorporated. Finally we should be involved to stop this for home work and need to take responsibility to take one poor child education.

By, Ayush Nayak.

Category : 8 to 10 years


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