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31Jul 2020


Posted by : Shanmuganandam Balasubramaniam
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Clocks, watches, pendulums, water clocks, sundials, show a certain sign. If you say It's 5:00 pm, Then it is an evening. 5:00 am then it's the morning. A day starts at sunrise. If it's sunset, then it is the evening, if the moon rises it's the night. Well, what does all this show? the answer is simple, it's TIME. Time is a piece of essential equipment that began 13.7 billion years ago. Then Sundials were introduced. Before that, they measured time in the passing of the sun and the moon. After that came the water clocks and the pendulums and much more. Space and time are widely connected with each other.

Space is another dimension which comprises of many more dimensions like astrology and zodiac signs. It is believed that the nine planets have nine gods which link to the birth of a human being. When a person is born, his/her astrology is decided by the nine planets and his/her zodiac sign is decided by the stars or the constellations. And space is organized using time. So, time is unorganized without space, and space is unorganized without time.

 Astrology is one more dimension where it depicts one's character and future. But it is NOT associated with science. Astrology is a pseudoscience. Astrology basically depicts on one's luck or misfortune. But according to me, Luck is what you think.  If you think that today's your lucky day, Then your day will be lucky. So we must stay positive to think positively. 

It's a fact that one day on Venus is longer than one year on Earth. Venus has a slow axis rotation which takes 243 earth days to complete its day. Science says that time is an illusion. In ancient times, time was measured with space or the movement of planets. Like, the moon completes one full revolution around the earth in 24 hours, So it is one day. The earth completes one full revolution around the sun in 365 days, so it is one year. These are various measurements of time in ancient times. 

If there is no time, Then it would be tough for mankind. Sowe must utilize the time we got without procrastinating because there may be no tomorrow. Changing time is like interfering in the events of nature and it may be awesome at first, but then you'll regret it. You can't change the past, Butyou sure can change the future.

-KRIDAY ADARSH                                                                                      -21/07/2020


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