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20Jan 2019

Table Soccer-a lesser known game

Posted by : Rakhi Gibrani
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
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Table soccer is lesser known game in india, an international game. Here I want to give you a glimpse of my journey as table soccer player. I started my table soccer journey in class 8th with my friend Tenzing Dickey, who introduced me to the game. I started playing it as a hobby and to bunk my classes , but as time went on it became a passion. With my sports teachers permission, and encouragement I practiced and after three months went for my first tournament. My first tournament was a doubles event in delhi state whidh I played with my frind Tenzing. We won gold medal in the tournament and after that there was no one to stop us.I have made my parents  and  teachers proud.


With blessings of my parents and my teachers trust,I am a national level player of Table soccer. I have played many tournaments and I always try to give my best, achieveing a gold medal in every event is not always possible but giving my best performance is.That teach me that more hardwork and practice is required from my side.


For ,one of my pro-tour I went to rajasthan where I won a gold medal and an article was published in the newspaperwith my gold medal.I come from a economically weak family, my smallachievements has made my prents and community head held high and gives them hope that we all have some abilities in us.


I have learnt a lot while palying the game, I am really good at defending amongst my fellow players.This is played on the table as the name suggests with rod inserted on the table, each side has 11 player which are sticked to the rods. allwe have to do is to hit the ball and make a goal with the help of our player. My coach always says these words" If you don't practice you don't deserve to win'. Practice has atken me so far and do it regularly during my free time and in my stay backs in school. All I want is bright future and smiles on faces on my parents faces.


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Rakhi Gibrani

Hi,I am sheetal mathur from navyug each one teach one foundation.I am student of class 10 in delhi.I love reading and writing and i am anational level player of table soccer.

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