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14Mar 2021

The Cyber Safe ME

Posted by : Samyuktha Chandrashekar
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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My whole view on data protection and cyber safety took a big flip! It was all thanks to the cyber safety course, I attended. What if I said that my experience will enrich your views and interest in online life like me? You get to read on this one to know all.

"We’re all going to have to change how we think about data protection."

                                                                                        -Elizabeth Denham

I would agree with and also believe in it with all of my heart! My whole view on data protection and cyber safety took a big flip! It was all thanks to the cyber safety course, I attended.

Learning, Learning and Learning. This is what I experienced in the cyber safety course which I engaged in! It was such a wholesome and fun filled valuable experience which urged me to write about.

Everyone had engaged themselves in an experimental activity or hobby during the pandemic. I explored an extraordinary variety of other courses too! I indulged into calligraphy and diverse forms of art and expression ,which are my current favourites!

My incredible mentor, Ms. Mradula urged me to willingly participate in the cyber security and blogging course. Initially, I was not immensely interested and was skeptical but soon after, I carefully attended my very first session, I progressively developed immense passion and interest into the topic!

I invested six hours of my time in taking part in the cyber safety and blogging course.

An intriguing glimpse of the fascinating topics which I learnt about:

· Creating and maintaining a positive digital footprint

· Importance of protected privacy and security

· Creative commons and copyright

· Quick tips to stay safe on the internet…

AND many more!


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Creative commons, types of consents and creating a positive digital footprint were my Top 3 learnings and key takeaways from the course!

We had various discussions on different topics about the massive cyber world which we are frequently engaged in. I got the opportunity to explore numerous sites and platforms to learn more about privacy and security of data with the proper supervision of my mentor. The simple yet fascinating presentations and resources delivered loads of info packed into their slides, which also contributed to the learning process. Worksheets, post session quizzes and DIY activities efficiently were something which studiously kept me up in my seat the whole time!

I also got the opportunity to carefully explore new websites and enjoy interactive hands on experience in Canva. I was assigned unique projects and had a great time engaging in them. I enabled my creative bulb to take over my brain and allow the creative juices to flow into my work! I incorporated my  learnings and knowledge into a couple of school presentations yoo!

This was a phenomenal experience which generously allowed me to instantly think from a more comprehensive perspective and transformed me into a new cyber secure person!

Thanks a ton to NexSchools for providing this wonderful one-of-a kind experience:)

 Image credits: digiinfomedia.online/national-security-threat-in-cyberspace


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Mradula Singh Mar 23 2021 2:15AM

Thank you for penning down your experiences so well dear Samyu. You`re an awesome learner, keep rocking :)


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