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24Jan 2019

The Leader in ME

Posted by : Samyuktha Chandrashekar
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
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I remember the day when my friends at school nominated me as a candidate for the School election for the Student Leader role. That day, at home, I thought about the qualities a leader should possess. Persistence, empowerment, critical thinking, and collaboration – all of these came to my mind. I pondered whether I hone these skills to become a leader.


But, how did it all happen? My school gave a wonderful opportunity for everyone to become a leader. The task was to identify one or more problems at school, find solutions and take initiatives to implement. This was quite challenging for me.  I wanted to fix two problems which hit me hard – Food wastage and waste segregation. I started collecting data to analyze these problems which helped me to come up with solutions.


The campaign day – My data, solutions and the initiatives made me to be a part of the student council team. Each house team will get a chance to rule for a month – This was an awesome idea that I really admired. Our’s being the first, 6 of us were nominated. With posters and slogans to election vows - it was a wonderful experience.  In my campaign I got suggestions and concerns from my friends too and I kept all of those in mind. And… finally I was elected as Deputy Student Leader :)


Ideas, Thoughts, Team work – As a team we came with lot of ideas to solve the problems which we analyzed.


We have 3 different colored dustbins for waste segregation at school, but that wasn’t utilized well.  We planned to make the best use of it, by creating awareness among my friends, as well the housekeeping staff.


Together, we created plans to monitor food waste. We collected data on which food is wasted the most and why? We spoke to our friends about the children who long for a one day meal. But it wasn’t easy. We were able to succeed after continuous monitoring and reward system.


My learning – When things didn't work, I was frustrated and almost gave up. That's when I understood that tolerance and perseverance are really important for solving a problem or accomplishing a goal. This opportunity has also made me to be more empathetic and considerate - listen to other’s views and look in to different perspectives. I became less bossy with my friends and team mates. Most of all is collaboration, without which we wouldn’t be successful. Maintaining data, record keeping, planning and conducting Council body meetings, making reports, email writing are more such new learning experiences.


Thanks to my School for all this!


Am really anxious to learn more and become a great person!




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Deepali Joshi Jan 22 2020 7:31PM

Good going! Keep it up Samyuktha


Samyuktha Chandrashekar Jan 1 2021 10:49PM

Thankyou so much!

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