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24Jan 2019

The Tree Ganesha

Posted by : Sankalp Prasad
Category : Jindal Vidya Mandir, JSW Township
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The Ganesh festival which had started in the year 1893 by Mr.Balgangadhar Tilak has now become Mumbai's most favourite festival. During it, Mumbai lits up with lots of excitement. 

One year of break up from Bappa makes people emotional and the festival also creates a deep impact on the environment because most of the idols are made of Plaster of Paris. This, not only pollutes the water but also our ecosystem.

But keeping in mind the joy and the celebration of the festival, a man has come up with an environment friendly Ganesha, i.e. Tree Ganesha. He is none other than Mr.Dattadri Kothur. According to him,"To have a good start, we say Shree Ganesha! So, I thought of developing Tree Ganesha."

Tree Ganesha's visarjan is not done by putting it in water, but by pouring water on Bappa and after a few days, it grows into a plant. With the start from one Tree Ganesha in 2015, it grew into 5000 Tree Ganesha idols in 2018.?

We Indian's faith is only our strength, and our thoughts make it stronger. Those thoughts, like that of nature friendly Tree Ganesha.  ?


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Sankalp Prasad

Hi! I am Sankalp from Jindal Vidya Mandir studying in class 11. This blog has motivated me also to have a Tree Ganesha for this year`s Ganesh festival celebrations! I hope you also find it!

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