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17Jan 2019

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Posted by : Anika Chavan
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
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Books are our best friends forever, there is nothing more beautiful to a book in our world. Today due to digital revolutions people have started losing interest in books. Sometimes a book may take you to all those wonderful places without even moving your feet.

In Indian culture, books represent the goddess Saraswati, the divine Goddess of Knowledge. It is said, when you start with your first book, that's the beginning of your journey in the world of learning and absorbing things and you will never stop reading. One can learn about various aspects of life through reading and also getting the knowledge we always want to seek. Sometimes your future could be decided because of a book you may have read, something very magical can happen to you when you keep on with your reading habit.

“Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can.” -William Feather

Since I first started to read in school, one of the first books I read and admire is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" authored by Roald Dhal. It has quite an amazing characters such as Mr.Willy Wonka, Augustus Gloop and Mike Teavee to name a few of them. Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter, and fighter pilot. His books have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide. he is also an author to many more books such as "Matilda", "The Witches" & "The Twits".I have liked reading them as they take you on a journey of a whole new adventurous world and a fun-filled fantasy you may imagine.

Reading books builds your vocabulary, that's why its mentioned as one who reads the most number of books is the richest in life.

So I wish you luck and hope you will start reading one



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Deepali Joshi Jan 22 2020 7:34PM

I love Roald Dahl books too. I liked your blog, all the best


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Anika Chavan

I am Anika from Alibag, it is a small coastal town near Mumbai very beautiful and serene neighbourhood. I study in Jindal Vidya Mandir, Salav in 4th standard and I love reading books

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1372183I love Roald Dahl books too. I liked your blog, all the bestU178Jan 22 2020 7:34PM178Today a Reader, Tomorrow a LeaderAnika Chavan Deepali Joshi178.jpg
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