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23Jan 2019

Vandalism of Historical Monuments

Posted by : Somesh Kumar
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I have been through many archaeological monuments untill now but all I have witnessed is that mostly many graffiti are written on the walls which are of historical importance.Many fragments of the ruins  are stolen by the local people instead of preserving and conserving them.Although ASI has various circles to protect but still its hepless in the far remote areas.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has openly stated that, “It would be humanly impossible to stand guard at every monument; a better option would be to sensitize visitors against defacing or destroying heritage structures”.Cultural heritage sites in Delhi are being vandalized by hooligans.

The walls at the “Lodhi Garden' are being abused at will, being treated as canvases by various visitors. One of the reasons for the same is the severe shortage of attendants who actively protect these monuments. 

The Indo-Islamic Architectural masterpiece, Qutub Minar, had to recently undergo heavy restoration work in order to repair the damages pertaining to neglect and vandalism. In the absence of adequate security personnel, various cultural spots have become a hotspot for drug peddlers. Even world heritage sites like Humayun’s Tomb and Red Fort have not been spared and have fallen prey to graffiti tagging, flower picking and other such activities.

Even our Gwalior fort and the man mandir palace has fallen in this case but thanks to our school which has tried to conserve it by using the fragments of temples and cannons for beautification purposes.

The main reason behind the very act of vandalism is to influence public opinion or create a sense of insecurity in the minds of a targeted religious group of people in order to have a control over them . Although stopping vandalism is an impossible task, prevention of occurrences can be affected by creating awareness among teens in schools, universities, colleges, to educate ignorant people.




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