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25Jan 2019

Windmills are the Best Way to Generate Electricity

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Electricity plays an important role in our lives. It is important for everyone to work which is an extremely impossible task without electricity. In villages people cant afford it and the modern towns people waste it. A survey of saving water is going on and as electricity is mostly generated by water, we should save electricity. Wasting electricity is wasting water as we should save water for the future.

There are very few unlimited things on earth and one of them is natural air. Windmill,therefore is the best way to generate electricity. The windmill which was invented by Daniel Halladay,was first used to grind spices, pump water etc.

Today the modern equivalent windmill makes natural gas convert into electricity possible. It works on a simple principle. When the propeller like blades spin,because of a frictional force electricity is generated which is then stored in a electric box and then is transferred to our homes. They are usually mounted on top of hills or on slopes. The villages will have more electricity which will lead the villages to develop,India's infrastructure to increase and rank India the most modern country with the best technology. So, windmills should increase. Always remember that 

without water there will be no live no country no earth. Save water and try to launch a survey to increase windmills.


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