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5Jun 2020

Every Drop Counts-Save Water

Posted by : Advaita Bhooshan
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
Date : Jun 05, 2020

How did I know every drop of water counts?

It was a beautiful and refreshing morning. I saw rain pattering gently on my room's window.  I was so excited to see water everywhere in my frontward. I started playing in this pleas ...


25May 2020

Virtual Classes - Reshaping Teachers Prospect

Posted by : Sonal Keshri
Category : NexEd Bloggers Contest 2020
Date : May 25, 2020

Are you an educator? Are you struggling with teaching online?

Yes, I was too when our classes went digital almost overnight. ...


7May 2020

Unacademy Data Hacked - Big Questions On Cyber Security

Posted by : Mradula Singh
Category : Founders Desk
Date : May 07, 2020

Just when the edtech industry started celebrating a few success stories in India, the news of Unacademy’s 22 million users  data hacking has come as a big jolt and raises big questions on seriousness of Cyber threats to education industry.

Unacademy databa ...


30Apr 2020

How I Miss Cricket During Lockdown

Posted by : Sachit Sharma
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
Date : Apr 30, 2020

Hi, here is my second blog about Cricket. I am very excited to tell you about it .

Now, because of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19), ...


26Apr 2020

Junk Food Yum Yum - Is It Good For You

Posted by : Akshobhya Sapre
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
Date : Apr 26, 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you all are safe. This is my third blog and the topic I chose to write is Junk food.I decided to write about this topic because everyone likes to eat junk food.This is not good, so I decided to create awareness in our society by writing this blog.CONTINUE READING

21Apr 2020

A World Without Plastics

Posted by : Samyuktha Chandrashekar
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
Date : Apr 21, 2020

A world without plastics!

Let’s think about the current situation of the world. There are endless issues t ...


16Apr 2020

Mindfulness- Through The Eyes Of A 8 Year Old

Posted by : Vandana Bhargav
Category : Parenting
Date : Apr 16, 2020

One fine ay, lazing around on the couch, the inspiring and unique mental challenge of Mindfulness by Ask Rahat, set the perfect tone of the article and the thinking rolling.


13Apr 2020

Zoombombing Incidents – Why Schools Need To Use Safety Controls

Posted by : Mradula Singh
Category : Founders Desk
Date : Apr 13, 2020

Lack of focus on online safety and policy by private schools is well known to everyone; the upshot is Zoombombing incidents, once again highlighting schools’ approach to quick fix methods in a race to go online. Read what is going wrong as ...


12Apr 2020

Premiere League-A Game Of Goals

Posted by : Rituraj Gotarne
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
Date : Apr 12, 2020

Many of you like to play sports, like football, cricket, basketball and so on. There are various tournaments organised for the following sports. Today I am going to talk about the world’s toughest and the best football tournament -Premier League. CONTINUE READING

12Apr 2020

Financial Literacy

Posted by : Yashasvi Jain
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
Date : Apr 12, 2020


In our daily lives, we visit many places. Schools, colleges, markets, etc. We make our livelihood by earning and spending money on these. But, some questions remained. How do we manage our money? How do we become se ...


10Apr 2020

Captivating Social Media

Posted by : Takshila SinghaL
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
Date : Apr 10, 2020

“Content is fire, social media is gasoline.”

Social media is a ...


9Apr 2020

Floating Above The Negativity

Posted by : Manya Singh
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
Date : Apr 09, 2020

Information at our fingertips, forwards in a jiffy - are you also experiencing a flowing torrent of negative news now a days?  Read on to learn more about our current predicament.


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