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03Dec 2022


Posted by : Amruta Dike
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Internet has opened a whole new and exciting world to the people of the 21st century. But as they say, there is darkness under every lamp. Internet has brought everyone closer to us- even the ones who might want to tamper with our life. It is said that in the coming times, online privacy will be a pressing issue. So, one should start taking measures of being safe on the internet. Fortunately, there still exist various ways to do so.

One has to check if all the sites are secured.  Secure sites usually start with ‘https:’ and a little padlock symbol appears beside the URL. If you don’t see that, better not to risk your privacy over there. Securing your personal stuff online and your Wi-Fi connection with strong passwords also helps.

Social media is an attraction for hackers. One must avoid posting any extremely confidential information in the plain eyes of public. It is also advised not to build social media contacts with people you don’t know. Fraudulent emails and links are to be recognized and ignored.

With all this, and various more measures, it is possible to remain secured online. Internet has various sources of entertainment to keep us happy, but to remain truly happy in the future, one must only opt for secure websites. When online: security first, then the entertainment.


By Sayali Gaikwad, X 


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