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Choosing a Toddler Program


Toddler years are exciting and full of energy. It’s an important phase of growth and development. To find a childcare center that has a stimulating environment for your toddler’s physical, emotional, intellectual, mental and social development and above all a caregiver who is knowledgeable, warm and love kids are some factors to look for.

Following is a sample checklist to help you look for a good child care center for your toddler:


  • Is the center clean, bright and cheerful?
  • Are the rooms labeled with pictures?
  • Is there any curriculum followed for toddlers? If yes, which philosophy is used for learning?
  • Are they talked to, read to and sung to?
  • How the progress of a toddler is assessed?
  • Is there a variety of age-appropriate books and toys available?
  • Are these books and toys kept in low shelves easily accessible to children?
  • Do children have enough room to move about?
  • Is the play area properly cushioned with mats?

Choosing Toddlers Program


  • Are toddlers allowed to sleep as per their needs or is there any fix time for resting?
  • Do they have a separate cot for each toddler?
  • Are the room lights dim and room properly ventilated while sleeping?
  • Is there someone near the nap area to keep a check on the toddler?


  • Is staff experienced and trained in child development?
  • Does a teacher interact with the child on one-on-one basis?
  • Is the caregiver warm, patient and caring?
  • How a teacher approaches discipline?
  • What is the rate of turnover of teachers/ caregiver in the center?
  • Do teachers use a warm tone while talking to children?

Meals & Snacks

  • Are meals provided nutritious?
  • Are parents pre-informed about the menus?
  • Are meal times relaxed and enjoyable?
  • If requested, are individual food preferences catered for?
  • Do children wash hands before eating?
  • Are they encouraged to feed themselves?
  • Are they taught table manners?

Health & Safety

  • Is there a first aid kit? Are the medicines checked regularly for expiry?
  • Are teachers trained on first aid?
  • How are allergies catered to?
  • Are children’s health record updated and kept separately in a file?
  • Are sick children isolated and supervised till the parents reach?
  • Are emergency phone numbers and parent’s phone numbers posted near the phone?
  • Is there any evacuation plan in case of fire or any other emergency?
  • Do they have a doctor’s number who can be called in case of emergency illness or injury?
  • Are all electrical outlets covered?
  • Are their gates near staircase and doors?
  • Is the main door area supervised for any stranger/visitor entering the premises?
  • Are cleaning supplies, disinfectants and any medicines kept away from reach of children?
  • Are there fire extinguishers and smoke detectors?
  • Are the toys big enough to avoid choking?
  • Are there any bearer cards/id cards given to parents?
  • What is their toilet training approach?
  • Is the diaper changing room clean, safe and disinfected?
  • Are door latches and locks high enough so that kids cannot reach there?
  • Are there proper safety grills present in windows and balconies?


  • How are children enrolled?
  • Is there any refund for sick days or credit for vacations?
  • Are parents allowed to meet their children anytime?
  • Are you satisfied with the discipline policy?
  • Can toddlers come before enrolling?


  • Will a daily update be given to parents?
  • Are there any parent events/programs?
  • How a child will be assessed on the progress?
  • Is there a parents group of the center?
  • Are conversations between parents and teachers kept confidential?
  • Can a parent call anytime during the day?
  • How settling period is handled?
  • Are there any resources available for parenting concerns?
  • How frequent are parent teacher meetings?
  • What is the feedback policy?

Before choosing a toddler care center; look out for available options in terms of location, cost, reputation. As a parent, you definitely want to ensure that your child is happy, comfortable and safe in an environment that is caring, fun, educative and nurturing. 

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