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Choosing Preschool

Choosing an Infant Program

Choosing a childcare for your infant is an extremely important decision. Finding a suitable environment where you trust your child’s safety and care will surely take away some of your stress while leaving your child alone in the centre.

Some of the key points to look for while choosing an infant program:

Daily Routine

  • Are infants allowed to eat, play and nap as per their individual time?
  • Is there any tummy time schedule during the day? If yes, how many times?
  • Is there a schedule for one to one interaction between an infant and their caretaker?
  • Will parents receive a daily update on their infant’s day?


  • Is there a separate room for nap and play?
  • Is there a separate crib for each infant?
  • Are infants allowed to sleep as per their needs?
  • Is there someone near the nap area to keep a check on the infant?


  • Is the caregiver warm, patient and caring?
  • Does the caregiver have qualification or experience to handle infants?
  • What are the caregiver’s views on feeding, crying, schedules, toilet training? And do these views match with your viewpoint?
  • Does the caregiver greet the child warmly?
  • Does the caregiver laugh, listen, talk and gives attention to individual child?
  • Is the caregiver considers your needs and feedback in positive sense and works on it?
  • How many children does one caregiver looks after?

Meals & Snacks

  • Are meals provided nutritious?
  • Are parents pre-informed about the menus?
  • Are meal times relaxed and enjoyable?
  • If requested, are individual food preferences catered for?
  • Do children wash hands before eating?
  • Are they encouraged to feed themselves?
  • Are separate plates and food portions served to a child even if they are fed by the caregiver?


  • Is diaper changing area clean and ventilated?
  • Are soiled diapers kept in a separate closed bin which is unreachable by kids?
  • Is baby cleaned after each dirty diaper?
  • Is diaper changing room away from feeding room?
  • Do caregivers wash hands after each change?
Choosing Infant Program

Health & Safety

  • Is there a first aid kit? Are the medicines checked regularly for expiry?
  • Are children’s health record updated and kept separately in a file?
  • Are sick children isolated and supervised till the parents reach?
  • Are emergency phone numbers and parent’s phone numbers posted near the phone?
  • Is there any evacuation plan in case of fire or any other emergency?
  • Do they have a doctor’s number who can be called in case of emergency illness or injury?
  • Are all electrical outlets covered?
  • Are their gates near staircase and doors?
  • Is the main door area supervised for any stranger entering the premises?
  • Are cleaning supplies, disinfectants and any medicines kept away from reach of children?
  • Are there fire extinguishers and smoke detectors?
  • Are the toys big enough to avoid choking?
  • Are there any bearer cards given to parents?


  • Is the care centre clean, bright and properly ventilated?
  • Do children have enough room to move about?
  • Is the play area properly cushioned with mats?


  • Is the center openly conveys their policies with parents?
  • Is maximum number of children and care taker ratio maintained by the centre?
  • How are children enrolled?
  • Is there any refund for sick days or credit for vacations?
  • Are parents allowed to meet their children anytime?
  • Are you satisfied with the discipline policy?
  • Can infants take trial before enrolling?

This is a sample list of types of question you should ask your day care providers while enrolling your child. Try to research a few centers before making the final decision since you must feel comfortable before leaving your little one in someone else’s hands and care.

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