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Freedom is not GIVEN It is TAKEN

Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere, Principal of C M International School Pune. A teacher by heart enjoys her job thoroughly, loves to end the day by witnessing the students go back home happy and looking forward to coming back the next day.

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of Independence.

Today we all talk about Independence day and we see patriotism only around this time……why???

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Is that the only importance left about Independence……sad….. we look up the calendar in August count the number of holidays and if they connect with the National Festival then nothing like it.

Children are also told that hence it is a long the weekend there is a family outing planned…….this is Independence for us today.

We do not want to even take the responsibility to wake up early take our children to school and ensure to instill the value of freedom.

Truly said by Subhas Chandra Bose, “Freedom is not given it is taken.”

Yes, it was given to us, but have we really realized its value, for anything that comes free generally loses its importance or value.

We as Indians born in a free country need to play a bigger role in keeping the spirit of Independence alive. We are leaving a mark on the young minds and eventually creating a mindset of the future, the nation that would lead tomorrow.

“ Education is not an affair of telling and being told, but an active and constructive process.” -   John Dewey

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