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Stories Out of Schools 2019

Stories Out Of Schools is offering that opportunity for schools to weave a story that sticks and be memorable. So thoughtfully capture the essence of what school stands for and combine it together with your unique school story.

Writer Joel Achenbach sums it up this way: "Story loving isn’t just culture; it’s biology." So if you want your school’s message; think of it as a story – with a hook and a plot and heroes – can be a powerful tool. 
We are cordially inviting entries from the schools. It is open globally.

Schools Preschools Story Out of School Contest 2019 www.NexSchools.com Branding Contest Open Globally

The stories of successes, activities and programs that worked, achievements based on empirical outcome can all be submitted. Simple fact is, understanding on what makes your school competitively distinctive is a huge part that is missing from communication about schools across.

Are you that great School? 

Why School Story?

All the schools talk about high achievement, nurturing communities and preparing 21st century leaders. But these seem like words, jargons, bombastic and hallow populist values adopted by every school globally. The real stories from about anything relevant, that inspire, excite, entertain and encourage your school community, telling the world your school is doing with passion and is not just another school. Your story will tell about your philosophy that works brilliantly well for students, shaping the future minds and above all preparing them well for the happy life. & this is all can be explained…

Dozens of schools talk about high achievement, nurturing communities, and preparing 21st century leaders are you doing it? How?

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Who is Eligible to Particiapte?

All the schools or preschools from any country or place in  the world are eligible to particpate and showcase their school. This contest is open globally.


Here are quick steps to participate:

Step1 School must be registered as NexSchools Digi Safe School Member-  Contact Us

Step 2  Submit your entries

Entries should be maximum of 1,200 words and must be supported by visual evidence.

  • Send us a write-up in a word document
  • Images or photos - collage or photos – Maximum 4 photos per submission
  • The image size 600 px width & 150 to 300 px height
  • You can support it with the links to your website if any.

Entries close August 15, 2019

For Teachers

NexEd Teachers Contest 2019 is closed Now

If you want great schools there has to be great teachers, if you are looking for great education for every kids it all starts with great, help a teacher, be a part of appreciative of all the teachers in the society and that would be the answer.  Click to Enter

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