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From Drab School Walls to Freedom to Learn

Your school is equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities but walls in the corridors, classrooms are the same old 19th century style blank and expressionless. It is time to think like the 21st century school, transform to the smarter wall and change the way teachers teach and students learn.

Why should we only have boards for teachers in the classroom to write? Have you thought about why children should not have the freedom to express in the classroom other than notebooks and verbal discussions? There is innovation in learning spaces and around the school design buildings and so much more, yet the freedom to learn and express is missing in our schools. The focus of attention every day remains on 5 by 5 feet black or whiteboard.

A small change can bring a big difference in learning environment of the schools. The functional walls or writable walls in the schools can be the answer to the boring teacher led classrooms and long plain corridors of the school.

“The UNICEF recognizes the need to utilise the Building As Learning Aid (BaLA) it entails physical spaces such as classroom walls, door, tables, corridors, outdoor spaces and natural environment as learning resources.”

Writable Walls Advantages Beyond Doubt Boost Learning


Evidence revealed that when children are given freedom of expression it can have positive impacts on behaviour. 

Writable walls, dry erase wall paint


The schools with a variety of learning spaces and opportunities to break out traditional classrooms have greater students’ engagement. Writing on the walls just provides that opportunity to students to engage them through groups, ideas, and collaboration.


The two very critical qualities for future schools is to work in team or group and independently. Interactive and engaging classroom walls are a great way to help the student learn important skills like teamwork and problem-solving. The writable walls around the classroom give enough space and break the monotony of the paperwork.
It fosters the culture of collaboration. Students become comfortable sharing their work and ideas with the classmates, they also built mutual respect for ideas of others that are so vital for collaborative learning processes. Many students can express and elaborate on the same idea; it brings a lot of fun in studying and understanding complex concepts and results in boosting creativity.

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Fosters Independence

The writable walls shift the focus from one instructional learning board to entire wall from floor to top, the teachers can adapt and use different areas for the instructional focus of that particular day. Instead of coming up to the board children can work out maths problems or brainstorming writing during independent or group work time with or without teacher’s work time. To some extent, it comes out of teacher-led classes towards a shift to teacher guided classroom.

Limitless Space

Writable walls in classroom

The functional walls make the classrooms look 2X larger than it used to. Has the there been expansion? No but it does feel that way. Students enjoy every inch of it, playing, tic tac toe sometimes or two groups of students solving the same problem. The students don’t feel they are studying rather many subjects are fun to learn.

Takes care of personal learning style of students

In traditional classroom teachers are stuck orienting to a single instructional board where it happens to be. This brings the focus on one place narrowly towards the front of the classrooms to whiteboard or blackboard towards the teacher on the top of the classroom. By installing writable walls focus shifts to the whole classroom making it interactive and enjoyable. It benefits all children and the learning outcomes increase for all the types of learners, auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

Simplify Cleaning

Walking into a beautiful instructional poster is a beautiful experience but what about cleaning the writable walls. The walls can be cleaned in minutes. The flexibility of writable walls makes it easy for a teacher to populate relevant content on the walls and then press the reset button with few minutes of erasing. Students will also be engaged when they will be actively participating in creating their learning environment. For the teacher, it could be blessing to get rid of paper charts to stick with messy glues.

The writable walls allow children to remember the concepts by spatial location, colours of the marker that also help them retain information. It is fascinating and retention span increases too. The organization of structure and logically comprehending through the writable walls gives a new way to map out information.

Do you think writable walls are available in India?

Yes, writable dry erase walls are available at affordable cost in to revolutionize the way we teach our children.

WriteOnWalls dry erase walls, schools preschools in India

 is striving to just do this in the Indian Schools. It is an effort to bring happy, bright and lively learning environment for the children.

WriteOnWalls product innovation opens up possibilities to walls, corridors, classrooms, training rooms and lecture halls by giving them writing walls with projector functionality.


Writable tables available in IndiaConvert the tables in your classroom to writable and cabinets too, offer as many learning resources at students as disposable as possible.

Its VOC and solvent free. The wall colour need not be white to be used for writing. It can be matched to the colour scheme of the building so when it is not in use the wall could just look like coloured wall. It beautifies the whole school building and creates a positive environment to learn as well.

The walls are flexible enough, there is no need to move or break things to make use of the walls the writable paint can be applied to a single wall or the wall between door and window or the entire room without breaking or shifting. The wall coatings or wall coverings could be cut to size.

The maintenance is so simple, resist household chemicals like colin/soapy water and it is scratch proof so just rub rub and forget cleaning.

Try this all in one product and you can throw away projector screens, white boards and flip charts.

With proper maintenance and normal wear and tear, it retains its dry-erase ability for 5+ years indoors. It’s guaranteed not to crack, peel, stain, yellow or fade with proper use and maintenance.

WriteOnWalls is not just providing this to schools, preschools and but every institution to add an innovative way of learning, training and why not brainstorming during teacher’s program


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