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Scribbling Allowed In Preschools Walls

Scribbling encourages creativity, confidence and flourishes the wings of creativity. Toddlers and preschoolers love the sound of pounding crayons and magic of their markings on the walls. They experience the joy from the feel of the motion and surprising appearances of the lines. The innate learning instinct and exploration is what makes scribbling a very critical early development milestone. At this stage, discovery is their job.

Early writing doesn’t start with alphabets and numbers it begins with scribbles that we adult perceive as meaningless. However, there is enough research to show that scribbling has many advantages. Let us throw a little light on the toddlers’ creative development and writing stages and tools such as writable walls to encourage these skills.

Scribble freely with writable walls  schools preschoolsSay “YES” to Scribbling on walls & here is why?

Why keep scolding when little tikes and tots are just doing what our ancestors did in the caves 40,000 years back? While damage to the wall may anger parents, caregiver or even preschool owners and educators but here are some insightful road of a toddler and preschooler, even before mastering the art of making figures or alphabets look alike they work with innate learning curiosity. This list will surely start making more sense for you to provide writable walls; more scribbling resources and places to scribble for children from tots to preschools.

Write on Walls Preschool Product, Scribbling for child development preschoolers

  • Exploring – At first, it is all about exploring what this cool things crayons can do.
  • Discovery- Then the child links between hand holding a crayon and the line she draws.
  • Cause and Effect – Wow now it is time to make the real mark on the world with dots, lines and what we adult perceive as scribbles.
  • Thinking Skills & Sensory Development -  This leaps in thinking skills is helped along with her new ability to hold things in her hands and fingers.
  • Motor Skill Development- Motor skills start with large movement of arms to controlled scribbling in the form of lines, waves, horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Symbolic Thinking – Once the child starts making circles in irregular shapes or lines with purposeful thinking it means she has mastered the art of symbolic thinking.

For young children, there are different stages of drawing and writing. It may start as early as one year, yes there are creative and artistic development milestones for toddlers.

Writing Development Stages

The Texas Center for Reading and Language Arts provides the following stages of writing development:


Producing letter like forms

Writing letter sequences or strings

Spelling phonetically

Spelling conventionally

An innovative product to save the joys of scribbling among children has been just launched by Shaishav Khare, Director of WriteOnWalls.

His message to the education fraternity is “to encourage creativity, to keep the lighting bulb of curiosity we should provide more resources to children to express in anyway. WriteOnWalls is aiming to bring more learning spaces with dry erase writable walls.”

We have installed the writable walls in some schools. The teachers are happy to have these walls in the classroom but delight in the eyes of children fills us with satisfaction. We want the freedom to learn, creativity to reach every preschool to support early learning and schools as well where children can avail many advantages too

Write on walls

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Convert the tables in your classroom to writable and cabinets too, offer as many learning resources at students as disposable as possible.
Writable walls in classroom install nowIts VOC and solvent free.
It can be matched to the colour scheme of the building so when it is not in use the wall could just look like coloured wall.
It beautifies the whole school building and creates a positive environment to learn as well.
The walls are flexible enough, there is no need to move or break things to make use of the walls.
The writable paint can be applied to a single wall or the wall between door and window or the entire room without breaking or shifting.
The wall coatings or wall coverings could be cut to size.
The maintenance is so simple, resist household chemicals like colin/soapy water and it is scratch proof so just rub rub and forget cleaning.
With proper maintenance and normal wear and tear, it retains its dry-erase ability for 5+ years indoors. It’s guaranteed not to crack, peel, stain, yellow or fade with proper use and maintenance.
WriteOnWalls is not just providing this to schools, preschools and but every institution to add an innovative way of learning, training and why not brainstorming during teacher’s program

Why Vertical Writing Walls For Kids?

The large vertical surfaces such as smart boards or writable walls allow children to make larger arms and hands movements and have added the extra fun to the activities. The early educators encourage and working with vertical surface all the time and here is why:

Strengthening arms and hands

Visual attention eye-hand coordination

Spatial awareness

The best option for the fidgety children

Helps in core strength and maintaining upright posture

There are tons of fun ways to use and work with vertical surfaces like writable- you can limit by your imagination. Creative activities help children to learn how to solve problems, discover cause-and-effects of their actions, and feel confident about the choices they make. Most important creative expression lets children’s tap and unwinds their own imaginations. 

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