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Choosing Preschool

Have a Plan B For Choosing Preschool

You child didn’t get admission in the most-preferred preschool of your choice. Here are a few tips to fall back on plan B. 

With so much of competition around, glimpse into ultra-competitive world of preschool is fascinating. Every parent wants their child to start his/her education in the best school of the area but it is important for parents to be realistic in their search for the right school.  There are some popular preschools and for them the admission process is very competitive, many more people apply than there are spots.

Due to limited seats in schools, there can be a chance of being left out in the first round. In such a case, as a parent what should be your strategy, wait or let it go? If you have selected only one school on top of your preferred list of schools, be prepared for a backup plan. You can be flexible in your choice of school – don’t apply to hardest of school to get into; there are plenty of spots in other very good schools, so it’s better to create a list of preferential schools.

Following are some of the ways; you may consider as a backup plan for your child’s admission:

  • Enquire about the waiting list: In case, your child’s name is not on the school list in the first round, enquire about the waiting list and the possibility of seats allocation.
  • Show your interest to school: Contact the school authorities directly to show your interest either via a call, email, letter, or a face-to-face interaction. Expressing your interest can make a difference as there is a lot of movement that happens after the first list and slots may open up. Therefore, in a way, by expressing your interest about the school, you may influence the wait list or a second round list.
  • Apply for schools in your vicinity: There are many schools, which usually take children of that area only. In such a case, you may want to shift your residence to near the school to get preference.
  • Be Flexible: In case, nothing works, do not get disheartened, it could be that a school is just popular with almost all the similar facilities provided by other good schools of the same area. So, during your school research, ensure that apart from your most desirable school, you have researched and made a list of schools on your second priority.
  • Find Exact Schedule & Program: Finding exact schedule and program is equally important which you may have to compromise upon in popular school. Don’t forget to look for schools which are less heavily attended and can fit in your criteria of choice for a school.
  • Try Exploring online & apply: Search schools’ information online without hassle of going physically to each school, add to your list and get details by sending online query to as many schools as you want to in your locality. Fill online admission form when you are satisfied, it is free of cost and it gives flexibility to explore as well as apply to as many schools as you want right here on NexSchools. By sitting in comfort of your home, you may find spot in the best preschool too, after your plan A doesn’t work.


Before making a school so desirable, it’s better to talk to parents or go to NexSchools Group Talks to take a review and feedback about the school from parents whose children are currently studying in the school. It could be a case that the feedback provided might highlight a couple of points which are unacceptable to you. You may get best information to base your judgment about a school as per reviews on the internet or from parents whose children are to studying in the school.

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