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Cyber Safety Awareness

NexSchools Runs The Largest School Cyber Safety Awareness Campaign

Online interactions are becoming conversations like face-to-face connections. Cyber space is matted in our daily routine now and as an important aspect of day to day activities. The involvement of children and youth in online connections has lifelong consequences. Every shift towards the cyber world has its own benefits and advantages. It also brings its own risks and challenges.

NexSchools has initiated Cyber Safety awareness campaign to bring the three core values in the forefront and hence named it “Digital Citizenship, Online Safety & Civility”.

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The campaign is continuously running for the third year with array of annual awareness programs, all of them are now integral part of NexSchools activities.

  • NexEd Bloggers Contest 2020 - We have closed the first contest for teachers making it truly international having received participation from 3 countries, click here to see 2019 contest 
    -Participate in NexEd Bloggers Contest 2020 from  8 March 2020 – 15 August  2020
    -For the physical workshop customised for your school teachers, pls feel free to reach out to us.

  • Stories Out Of Schools is a unique initiative from NexSchools to give an opportunity for the Digi Safe Members to have a voice with inspiring stories. Schools will be recognized for making a difference and also branding themselves differently
  • Certifying the School as Digi Safe
  • Survey your school:
     1) Know the Digital Habits of Teens & Tweens
    2) How Digital Savvy Are your Teachers

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Training and Workshop for Schools

NexSchools conducts trainings and workshops for Teachers, School Heads. Our training programs are customised as per age of the children. All our certificate courses and programs have an online and offline model. They are all designed for deep diving and learning by doing beyond lectures and talks. The contests provide the perfect opportunity for the pragmatic approach, hands-on experience and showcasing the inspiring work through participation in contests. Winning prizes or just an appreciation certificate adds motivation enough to test the outcome without being graded. 

Certificate Courses

  • Cyber Warrior Teacher Ambassador - for Teachers
  • Cyber Warrior Student Ambassador  - For children & students, Edu Blogging and Cyber Safety Course from ages 8 years and up
  •  Workshops and talks for students, parents and teachers

Schools can opt for the workshop on Digital Citizenship, Online Safety and Civility available in some cities only by the expert in the Blogging and Cyber Safety.

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