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Schools Guide of Jabalpur

Jabalpur, also known as ‘Sanskardhani’ is the hub of many educational institutions. There are many schools in Jabalpur that are affiliated to different types of boards such as CBSE, ICSE or even state board. Jabalpur has always been a host to different kinds of schools, which are providing the best possible educational services to the students who belong to the different parts of the district. These days, multiple schools are opening round the corner, which are not even affiliated to any of the boards. And at the same time, there are some well established schools that have been serving the students of Jabalpur for many years now, and have established a certain level of trust among the parents. In Jabalpur there are 58 CBSE schools, 3 ICSE schools, 115 state board schools and some boarding schools. Let us have a look into each category.

The urban population has access to good schools but the sub-urban and rural areas of the district have grim picture of school education. Even today villagers do not send their children to schools and for that reason despite government initiatives and aids to the children to motivate them to go to school, like bicycles to girls, uniforms to all the children and mid day meals etc. After all these efforts, today Jabalpur has an average literacy rate of 75%.

CBSE Schools in Jabalpur

The city has many CBSE affiliated schools, few ICSE affiliated schools and boarding schools. The schools affiliated to CBSE are more in number and follow the norms laid down by CBSE. There are around fifty eight CBSE schools in town, all belonging to different fee range. Some CBSE schools are brand names such as Delhi Public School, Kendriya Vidyalaya and rest of the schools are locally established but well rooted schools. These CBSE schools provide all the facilities to the students and make use of NCERT textbooks. Some of the prominent CBSE schools in Jabalpur are:

 Little World School

DPS Mandla Road

DPS Nagpur Road

 St. Aloysius’ Senior Secondary School

 St. Joseph’s Convent

 Christ Church Boys/Girls Senior Secondary School

 Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Schools

 Satya Prakash School

Joy Senior Secondary School

 Maharishi Vidya Mandir

Schools Guide on Jabalpur

ICSE Schools in Jabalpur

There are just three ICSE affiliated schools in Jabalpur. They undergo the ICSE examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. In these schools, much more emphasis is laid on language. The assessment also focuses on practical work. Such few numbers of ICSE schools, itself emphasizes on the fact that people in Jabalpur do not prefer ICSE schools; in fact majority of them go for CBSE schools.

There are three ICSE schools.

MGM Higher Secondary School

St. Xavier’s High School (it has got two branches in Jabalpur) and,

 Christ Church School for Boys and Girls.

Boarding Schools in Jabalpur

Apart from regular day schools, Jabalpur also has some boarding schools, which are affiliated to CBSE. These schools are situated far off from the city, in beautiful green surroundings and provide great boarding facilities to all the students from nearby places. These schools also have the facility of day boarding. They provide separate hostel for boys and girls, proper hygienic, well cooked vegetarian meals to all the students. The hostels also have medical facilities, in case of emergencies. It is usually divided into dorms, and there are efficient wardens to take care of all the children and to provide them home like environment. In the school like DPS, there are also extra classes given by the faculty to the students to help them perform better in the academics. All these schools are great for day scholars too, though the distance becomes a problem.

Gyan Ganga International School,

 Delhi Public School,

 The Royal Heritage Public School

State Board Schools in Jabalpur

State boards schools affiliated to Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education are many in Jablapur. There over 115 good state board schools in Jabalpur, but medium of instruction in most of these schools is Hindi There are some very old schools which are listed below:

 St. Mary’s Convent Higher Secondary School Ranjhi

Mahakaushal Sr Secondary School

Wisdom Public High School, Right Town

Saint Thomas Higher Secondary School

Peek into Fee Structure of some Renowned Schools

Now if we discuss the average fees for education, we need to look into the broader picture. For the students of class 12th, in Little World School, the yearly fee is Rs. 31920, where as in St. Joseph’s Convent, the yearly fee is Rs. 14400 and in Christ Church Girls’ Senior Secondary School the yearly fee is Rs. 29000 and so on.

The fee structure of boarding schools that provide good facilities charge the fee accordingly. The yearly fee of Gyan Ganga International School for a student of class 11th-12th is Rs. 193000.  It has been observed lately that parents prefer to put their child as a day scholar and keep him/her in some outside hostel or PG. And such scenes are very common in the city, as many students are flocking in from sub-urban and smaller towns around Jabalpur seeking good quality school education.

Jabalpur Students Scaling Heights in Higher Education and Career

The school education in Jabalpur has given great results. Loads of students have passed the competitive exams, and are now studying in different top most colleges in India. Some are even working in top MNCs, earning heavy pay packages. Jabalpur, being a smaller city in comparison with others, doesn’t lack in any ways in providing quality education to the budding citizens of our country. In every few years, there establishes a new school with the hope of enlightening the students, and there would come a day when Jabalpur would become a destination for the students from all over the country to come and study and gain some fruitful knowledge that would help them in excelling in their lives.

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