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Old Schools Vs New Schools in Jabalpur

Jabalpur has a rich history in the field of education. Some schools in Jabalpur were already established during the British times. The Britishers in order to provide quality education to their children opened some missionary schools. It helped in developing English speaking environment amongst children. Owing to this, today Jabalpur has schools which are more than hundred years old. Old schools have some charm which is all together different.

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The Old Legacy Schools in Jabalpur: Reasons for their Popularity

The building strong education methodologies over the years, trust factor, quality of teachers and consistent results that they have given during all these years speaks volumes about these legacy schools of Jabalpur.

Some schools like St. Joseph’s Convent Girls Senior Secondary School, St. Aloysius’ Senior Secondary School and Christ Church Boys/Girls Senior Secondary School, all have developed a certain kind of reputation in the mind of the parents. And being the oldest schools, parents prefer to put their children in such schools.

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Few Pointers to Consider while Choosing Legacy Schools

There   are flip side as well; these schools when established, were established somewhere in the outskirts of the city where area spanned luxuriously to accommodate the entire school fraternity. Now they have come into centre of the city. So even if the school wants to expand its area, it cannot do so, because of lack of space. The school buildings are also old. There is not much that you can do to it; ironically it is also a pride to study in heritage buildings with same aura as before.

Talking about the quality of education, they are excellent in their work. The students passing out from these schools are very fluent in English because of the environment they get there and have excelled in life.  Some of the teachers are there for more than a decade or couple of decades which brings the caring touch and experienced enough to deliver great teaching we long for in today’s scenario.

New Schools in Jabalpur

The new generation schools in Jabalpur opened in the last five years are many.  They have established themselves, strengthened their roots in short span of time. These schools have great infrastructure and lot more open spaces for the children to develop their kinaesthetic skills, also to indulge in different outdoor sports. The schools also have been developed in such a way to promote inclusive practices, like having ramps along with staircases. Such kind of facilities can be seen in a school like DPS Mandla Road, where they have the building built in such a way that would accommodate everyone. Even, in some of the new schools, they also have the facility of swimming pool, horse riding etc. Little World School, DPS, Satya Ashoka School, all have swimming pools in it.

The trust build over the years has placed the old schools on the top spot amongst the city schools.  Parents prefer admitting their child in these established schools and admission is competitive.

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Points to Ponder while Choosing Schools

 In tryst to provide the best education parents in Jabalpur should explore schools considering some pointers listed by NexSchools.

  • The schools are located at far distances; it becomes little difficult for the students to travel to and fro. It is time consuming.
  • Secondly, since the schools are pretty new, a particular level of trust factor is developing slowly thus it requires time.
  • The new school take time to get affiliated to school boards like CBSE or ICSE, it takes around four to five years to get CBSE affiliation and thus the students are left to study in a school that isn’t even affiliated to any of the boards
  •  These days there are many new schools opening up in different parts of Jabalpur and so one has to be careful in choosing the best school for their children.

At the end of the day, it is the quality of education that speaks about school.

The Choice is Yours

 New schools and the old schools both have their own pros and cons. It is the decision best left with the parents to choose between the two, whether they want an old school like St. Aloysius’ Senior Secondary School or Christ Church Boys Senior Secondary School or a school like Delhi Public School, which has a brand name attached to it, but got opened only few years back.

Tips for ParentsTip for Parents: Choose a school which keeps your child happy, allows him to be strong and lets him believe in himself, everything else will fall in place correctly in life then.-EduThoughts by NexSchools

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