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13Jan 2019

A Rain Drop

Posted by : Zain Haseeb
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
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It was a really cold day.  I was stunned when I opened my eyes. I saw thousands of blue gems dropping on the earth.  There was a great white mass hovering over me.  I had expected to see a clear sky and lovely green grass and flowers nodding their heads as the wind passed by.  Instead I saw a grey gloomy sky, thundering with rage and millions of gems jumping from the sky, as if terrified from the rumbling and crackling noise above them. I was really curious about the strange world. I looked around to see if there is a brighter side to it. Ah, I saw something, and it made me jump. It was a crystal-clear gem looking directly into my eyes. It had a really sweet expression on its face. For a moment, I just stared back at it, lost into its beauty, not able to utter a word.  After a while, I said, “Mom?”. She nodded a yes. She had a look of warmth and understanding in her eyes. Then she whispered softly, my child how does it feel? Do you like this world? I replied, Mom why is this world grey, dull and terrifying. I had thought life will be joyful and gay here. My mom said, soothingly, this is part of nature. And life has different phases, some are good some are not so good. Overall, you will love this world a lot. I was confused what is nature? I would have understood nothing had I not asked this question, “mother who are we?”. She replied, we are the RAIN DROPS. The essence of life. Without us life will not be possible at all. You see, rivers oceans, seas and ponds depend on us. The birds, trees, animals and even humans depend on us. Sun and the wind help us get to everybody, and we travel across the world riding on the winds. The sun and the wind play a very important role in nature. You see, this whole system is nature for us. I now understood what nature means. I asked my mom, why does that river look so dry? Is that why the rain drops and jumping to the earth? She replied, without us, all the rivers will dry and will be of no use. You see rivers are the cradles from life. And we are the source of that water. It is our job to keep the rivers flowing. So, we will have to help her too.


The thunder and the lightning were getting stronger and stronger, and I was feeling getting heavier and heavier. Soon, we will have to jump as well, said my mom. Can you see that parched village just below us? The people and animals there had no water for many days. Today we are going to help them. We are jumping in the river which provides them water. So, on my count, be ready to jump and be a hero. One two and threeeee, and here we go. A roller coaster ride, was it? I felt really dizzy. We plunged into the parched river, with a plip. Plip plop, plip plop, was the sound coming into my ears, and I saw hundreds of eyes surrounding me. I found my moms warm brown ones among them.

Days passed by and I now learned that I could hear my moms voice even though I could not see her face. For company I often talked to her and my friend the river. One day, I heard my moms voice saying, honey, it’s time for us to move on. You see the sun has been working hard to get this water warm. We will soon be floating in the air. Now listen, cling to me, because you may drift away. I felt as if my soul was leaving me. I had grown fond of my friend’s tinkly laugh. The happiness of the children when they came to play on the river bank. Before I knew it, I was up in the air, floating. I lost my focus out of horror, and I drifted away from my mom. Mom, mom, I cried. This is all your fault nature; your winds have drifted me away. Suddenly, as if nature had heard me, there was a gust of wind, which carried me to my mom. I murmured, mom, I love you, please never leave me. And with a sigh of relief, I added, thank you nature.



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Haseeb Gani Jan 15 2019 11:07PM

Wow! Imaginative way to express water cycle. Love this piece. Explains everything from rain, wind, evaporation in a very innovative style. I hope small kids will benefit from it.


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1081176Wow! Imaginative way to express water cycle. Love this piece. Explains everything from rain, wind, evaporation in a very innovative style. I hope small kids will benefit from it.U72682Jan 15 2019 11:07PM72682A Rain DropZain Haseeb Haseeb Gani 
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