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Big Opportunity to Participate in UNESCO MIL- International Youth Debate Series as NexSchools Team

NexSchools International Debate Series, NexSchools Inviting Indian Students, Educators, Youth  ages 18 to 31 years to particiapte in UNESCO Media and Information Literacy is organizing Youth Debate Series  11th of April to the 29th of April 2022

Big Opportunity to Participate in UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Youth Debate Series as NexSchools Team representing India.

Nexschools as UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Alliance Partner is representing India in UNESCO’s  Media and Information Literacy Youth Debate Series.

We are inviting to form a team of 6 great debaters who are good orators and presenters and must have been NexSchools community member or have knowledge about Media and Information Literacy.

Organiser: UNESCO Media and Information Literacy is organizing Youth Debate Series 

11th of April to the 29th of April 2022

Theme “Big Thinkers: Armed with Information”

The MIL Youth Debate series aim to empower youth and enhancing their debating skills regarding social challenges and opportunities in connection with media and information literacy topics. It is a fitting way to acquire media and information literacy competencies, stimulate youth civic engagement, critical thinking and peer education.

Debate Theme:


Age: 18 to 31 years

Last Date to Register: 3 April 2021

Must be Indian National

Experienced mentors will be helping the youth presenters gain confidence to voice their opinions, and guide them with key strategies to prepare their arguments and win. Certificates will be provided to every participant.

Read the Terms before registering:
-You must be Indian National/Citizen
-We only have 4 to 6 spots. NexSchools has all the rights to based on the criteria. 
-If you're filling this form you must fuflfill age criteria. Date of Birth Certificate mandatory upon selction.
-Due to a large number of applications only shortlisted youths will be commmunicated through email or WhatsApp
-You can send WhatsApp at 7083501198 incase of any query

Fill the Google Form to register before the 3rd April 2022:

Please share it in your community so that we can form a strong team to represent India.


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