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Celebrate World Emoji Day

When words aren't enough we express with emojis. Before emoji, there were emoticon (emotion+icon) which were developed to express emotions in cold hard text world of paging era.

The world has exploded with the world’s fastest growing emojis.

“Facebook released statistics in 2017 revealed on an average 5 billion emoji are sent every day on messenger.” – Source Facebook 

Facebook Data 2017 World Emoji Day

How little the world knows about the history and inventor of emoji, so it is emoji bash at NexSchools on 17 July 2018.  Send in your favorite emoji or even better create your emoji.


World Emoji Day is celebrated to promote emoji and enjoyment it brings to all those around. Spread a smile, share a laugh with other it plays a big part in the happiness of people around you. So celebrate emoji day! 

Shigetaka Kurita Inventor of Emoji Designer of the first Emoji

Meet Shigetaka Kurita Designer of the first Emoji for cell phone

Emoji is a Japanese word and it means picture world.

Shigetaka Kurita was the first designer of the emoji for the cell phone in 1999. He designed these pictures during his employment company called NTT Docomo. His aim was to use the emojis on their pagers, to make them more appealing to teens.

Fun Facts About Emoji

enlightenedWorld Emoji Day was first celebrated in 2014 by Jeremy Burge founder of ‘Emojipedia’

Did you celebrate World Emoji Day in 2018?

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enlightenedThere are 1800 emoji character and counting

enlightenedYou can create emoji of emoji is a long process which may take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years from a committee ‘Unicode Consortium’.

enlightenedEarly on business used emoji to connect with their customer

Emoji for business World Emoji Day

Want to know how you use emojis on Facebook. The social media site has revealed which emojis are most popular in which country.

Facebook data how countries use emojis
Source:Facebook data 2017