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Children's Film Fest Coming to Pune

Children's Film Society, India is all set to have three day event in July, "Children's Film Bonanza" to take forward the mission of promoting “every child's right to entertainment”.  This three-day event is presented and hosted by CM International School in association with Breakfast@Cinema. You got to be here to experience a wholesome film festival comprising workshops, activities, and talks for children as well as parents.

Block the Dates: July 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

Venue: C M International School, Pune

Variety in Itinerary During Event

Children's Film Bonanza' will showcase films of Children's Film Society, India (CFSI), for a young audience to introduce stories from different parts of the globe. The idea is to spread the cinema as a medium of learning. The programme will include workshops, panel discussions, and a gallery walk put up by the students of C M International School. Registrations for the Bonanza, which will commence from June 25, will be open to children across schools from Pune and their parents.

The attractions during three days will span from workshops focus on 'Learning from Cinema' for two age groups – Classes IV-VI, and Classes VII-IX.

For the younger audience from classes I-III could enjoy the workshop to enhance their storytelling skills - 'Story Time for Tots'.

Parents of children attending the festival can register for 'Self-awareness through Cinema', which will focus on how adults make meaning of the visual medium and how it can lead to a higher level of awareness for oneself. The workshops require separate registrations with a limit of 40 participants per workshop.

The first panel discussion, 'Navigating Content through the Current Media Explosion', will dwell upon perspectives on how cinema helps children pick up values like tolerance, compassion, and empathy. The panel will consist of experts who have been working towards introducing children to films from all over the world, as well as helping build a sensibility whereby children feel interested in the medium, and understand the subtext of a film more effortlessly. They will also discuss the various online and offline platforms one can explore to find age-appropriate and entertaining content for children. 

The second panel discussion will shed light upon 'Understanding Children through Children's Films'. The discussion will see film-makers talk about their approaches to creating stories for children, the challenges involved therein, and how parents can look at these same stories to understand what drives their children.

The goal of Children's Film Bonanza is to raise awareness about the sea of critically-acclaimed content available for young audiences.  Films are perceived to be a source of the entertainment but it offers a gamut of other learning resources as veritable tools of learning, communities, geographies, and the role which emotions play in binding the world together.

The films screened during the three-day event are from the CFSI repository. All films will be in Hindi or have a dialogue track dubbed in Hindi.

More details can be availed at info@cminternationalschool.com

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