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Cyber Safety Awareness

Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2022

 2nd Cyber Safety Awareness Week from 1-7 December 2022 is an annual event dedicated to promote the mission “Happier & Safer Internet for all” among Schools, Children, Parents, Educators, Youth, Organizations and Communities.

It aims to encourage everyone to play a role in building happier spaces on the internet.

We have already started planning so save the date for Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2022 which will take place from 1-7 December 2022.

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A week long event is organized to celebrate the efforts of all stakeholders who keep shining light every day to spread and encourage everyone around in creating better cyber spaces.

Even though the week is months away, our efforts don’t stop in this second year, we are gearing up with all the insights and resources covering all age-groups for you or your school/organization to greatly increase cyber safety and creating happier cyber space by taking a few simple steps.

Glance through #HSIWeek2022 Advisory and Advocacy Committee - Wall of Support Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2022

You can read our public campaign report on Success of Happier and Safer Internet for all and HSIWeek20221 activities 

 #HSIWeek2022 Champion Program

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By signing up you extend your support and pledge to help everyone stay safe and in maintaining happier cyber space. You can join us in making this year the best Cyber Safety Awareness Week ever. 

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Together, We Can Make #HappierSaferInternet

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Much of our activities also plays out on social media. Be sure to check out all of them. Review #HSIWEek2022 #HappierSaferInternet hashtags to see the conversations that took place.

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We are inviting partners and supporters from all across the world to make the “Happier & Safer Internet for all” more meaningful with deeper social impact. Please contact us for any questions. Please direct all media enquiries to supriya@nexschools.com 

When is Happier and Safer Internet for all Week?

Happier and Safer Internet (HSI) for all takes place every first week of December.

1-7 December 2022

HSIWeek2022 Theme – Awareness To Cyber Safe Culture

What is Happier and Safer Internet for all Week?

Happier and Safer Internet for all Week HSIWeek2022 = Cyber Safety Awareness Week

Led by NexSchools “Happier and Safer Internet for all Week” or #HSIWeek began in India in December 2021 as an extension to NexSchools initiatives towards Cyber Safety Awareness and education among children and schools since 2016 and Media and Information Literacy embracing UNESCO’s MIL framework from 2020.

All the efforts came together in a project- Happier and Safer Internet for all and now a mission of NexSchools. It has been supported by many schools, corporate, youth, NGOs and academia from various countries besides concerned citizens. In the 1st year it has extending its impact beyond India from 4 other countries. In 2022, HSIWeek aims to promote the safe and positive use of the internet, especially among children and young people globally.

Objectives of Happier and Safer Internet for all Week

An awareness drive and a week dedicated to empower with Cyber Safety and media and information literacy specifically for K12 and communitis. We invite you to join hands with the 2 clear objectives:

1. Spread Cyber Safety Awareness for all

2. Adopt curriculum based approach towards online safety and media and information literacy

This annual celebration aims to raise awareness and collective responsibility to make safer and happier internet, where everyone is empowered to use technology safely, become responsible and respectful; learn media mindfulness and information literate. Preparing knowledge foundation from early years for creative critical thinkers by making informed choices to build positive digital footprints. 

It aims to reach out to children, youth, parents, teachers, educators, social workers as well as industry, decision makers and government to encourage everyone to play a role in building happier spaces on internet.

 “By celebrating the positive power of internet, the slogan “Happier and Safer Internet for all” encourages everyone to join the movement, participate, and thrive online by bringing people together.”

Given the speed at which technology moves and how slow the parents and schools have been able to react, a lot of them must play catch up now.

Why is Happier and Safer Internet for all Important?

The Challenges are surfacing faster in this uniquely 21st century set of the cyber world, so it is our collective responsibility to come together  Alarming Cyber Safety Facts for Paretns and Schools, Online Dangers Facts  Schools Should know, Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2022,  Happier and Sfer Internet for all -  NexSchools Project, Cyber Safety for children and Students, Discord most popular messaging for 8 years old -study by Nexschools, .- 2022 Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report: Special Release – Home & Family | NortonLifeLock, FAmily online safety program, Schools Cyber Safety Rogram, Get Involved with Cyber Safety awareness campaign, #HSIWeek2022, #happiersaferinternet

1. Dependencies on the cyber world expose and elevate pernicious forms of cyber risks and leave children and adults to the uncharted territory of new and evolving digital media and infodemic.

2. Gap in the basic knowledge of protection and understanding of new communication posing risk to children and individuals related to digital wellbeing, cyberbullying, falling for fake, polarization besides many such and behavioural issues.

3. Limited access to cyber safety educational resources as the basic foundation for life skills and environment in schools and homes to strengthen the foundation to thrive in the new transformational age particularly evolved due to seismic shift during the pandemic.

4. Educators, caregivers and parents limit understanding of children’s and youth's online experiences and fail to recognise risks in shaping the future generations

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When you join NexSchools community you support the mission to Make Happier & Safer Internet Expereinces and our work for making affordable education for all. We support NGOs during this time of COVID-19 pandemic to bring back children who are out of schools.


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