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Cyber Safety Awareness

Children And Students Get Involved -Cyber Safety Awareness Week

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There is so much we can do together! Pledge to support Happier & Safer Internet. There are many options.

1. Pledge & I Support Happier & Safer Internet Campaign Week (#HSIWeek) (1-7 December 2021)
Fill the form and take the survey to help us build better cyber safe world.
2. Join us for the live session to know more about the particiaption options. 
All you have to do to support it is fill the form and take the quick survey to help young people and children like you to have the best possible nline expereinces.



Get Involved with Activities & Ideas

For Primary School 5 to 11 years

Make a poster showing -  I'm Safe Online

1. Create "Your Own I'm Safe Online Pledge" share a video

2. Write the pledge on paper decorate it and send it to us here
3. Learn to Make Digital Poster for "I'm Responsible for Happier & Safer Internet Expereinces" from NexSchools- Register Today!!!

4. Share your pledge with friends and family

5. Take this quiz and survey to know Internet Safety please take moment click here!! 


When you share with us your amazing contributions, we treat you with certificate of particiaption.


For Middle to High School- 12 to19 years 

We need volunteers for the entire campaign, if you can spare sometime online then please send us your contact details on WhatsApp -917083501198.

-Send us a 1 minute video in support of Happier & Safer Internet Week 2021 - register for online session to get more ideas and fun to do activities for online safety.

- Take the survey and to help build great resources to stay safe online
Every voice count.... How Internet Smart Are You? -  13 to 19 Years

Join us along with the team of Cyber Warrior Student Ambassadors virtually to dive in deeper with our efforts for the mission - Happier & Safer Internet Expereinces.

When you share with us your amazing contributions, we treat you with certificate of particiaption.

Contest & More

Lil Bloggers Contest for 8 to 19 years


Lil Bloggers Contest 2021 

See how to Register Now>>
Open now from 1 February 2021 
Contest Deadline  – 25th, October 2021
Ages- 8-18 years


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Just tag us@NexSchools or use hashtag  #HSIWEEK2021 #HappierSaferInternet #Socially Positive
Check out our Cyber Warrior Student Ambassadors Work on
 Social Media Day 2021 | Wall of Support for Cyber Safety Awareness


We are opening registrations for a limited period for Cyber Warrior Student Ambassador Cohort for 2021

Starting from 25 September 2021
Hurry limited seats with small batch size
Now fully online!
Live online session 
   Course perks- 12 hours live content | Online Support | Online Internship for 1 month
Course Duration: 2 MonthsRegister to avail 25% discount

Become An Ambassador today!

All you have to do is call us or WhatsApp to Book Your seat today!!
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There is so much we can do together!
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When you join NexSchools community you support the mission to Make Happier & Safer Internet Expereinces and our work for making affordable education for all. We support NGOs during this time of COVID-19 pandemic to bring back children who are out of schools.


We are here to help. Need any help? 

WhatsApp 91-7083501198 

PS. Feel free to share this  with other interested friends, family and teachers.  Rock on!

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