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Cyber Safety Awareness

Schools Get Involved - Cyber Safety Awareness Week

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Education technology has become staple to most learning experiences. All of us want to ensure all students benefit from potential of the Internet and at the same thrive in safe and secure online environment. It is our responsibility and all of us are together in shaping our future generations.

Come together to develop an Education Action Plan with options to support online safety education for whole school community.

Extend your support for online safety education and teaching practices by involving and participating in Happier And Safer Internet for all Week 2022.

Why Schools should get involved?

Now more than ever, Cyber Safety is crucial. We've gone online for everything and it means we are leaving kids in unchartered territory alone without preparing them, we are leaving tons of data knowingly and a mostly unknowingly.

  • Education is key to creating safe and positive school’s online community.
  • Schools play key role in creating a shared understanding of, and responsibility for online safety.
  • All members of your school community should be active participants in creating and maintaining safe online environments.

Pledge & I Support Happier & Safer Internet Campaign Week (#HSIWeek) (1-7 December 2022)

What is Happier and Safer Internet for all Week?

Happier and Safer Internet for all Week HSIWeek2022 = Cyber Safety Awareness Week
Schools can bring a change with Cyber Safe School Culture, are you with us?

Benefits for supporting HSI Week 

It's easy and doesn't require financial support

- Get free resources and ideas to participate in NexSchools led Cyber Days

- Your school name and logo will appear on Check Out #HSIWeek2021 Wall of Support 

School can join our program for One School | One Community or Take membership to get involved deeper social impact for more details contact us

All you have to do is fill the form and show your support officially:

How Can Schools Get Involved with Happier and Safer Internet for all?

There are a lot of ways schools can get involve as community change maker. Let's come together for "ONE SCHOOL ONE COMMUNITY" PROGRAM

Involve your students, teachers, parents and neighbourhood to create awareness to cyber safe culture, we are sharing below some ideas. If you need support please do not hesitate to contact us.

School Leaders and Founders

  • Nominate for  Advocacy and Communication Committee
    Calling School, Preschool Founders, School Leaders and Educators

  • Principals Roundtables
    We are back with Principals Roundtables - an informal meetings to discuss, share and find solutions 

  • UNESCO's Global Media and Information Literacy(MIL) Educators Cohort
    Be a part of transforming education with new digital learning solutions supported by open educational resources, upskilling and integrating MIL in your schools and classrooms as per UNESCO's framework of Media and Information Literacy(MIL). The educators and schools involved in this effort would be recognised and appreciated in all the forums of NexSchools nationally and internationally.

    PS: NexSchools is UNESCO's Global Media and Information Literacy(MIL) Alliance Partner.

Educators and Teachers from Schools and Preschools

One Teacher One Classroom 

Educators from around the world from any level calling you to nominate for change maker program with the objective one classroom at a time all it takes to be a Champion to Ambassador Teacher is a bit of time and intention to make a difference.

Participate in Contests (Open)

Lil Bloggers Contest 2022 for students ages 8 years and above

NexEd Bloggers Contest 2022 for teachers

Activities and Ideas 

Call for Media Challenge -Happier and Safer Internet for all

Empower Students for media making and authentic content to share their voices for multiple subject areas, challenge them to share their voices beyond classroom.

Submissions open for Audio-Video Commentary

Students Voice Matters, Youth Cyber Safety Challenge, Youth Voice, YAP Nexschools, Students have a lot to say, empower to amplify their voices 

We have designed curricula educators'/schools, ideal for online or inperson instructions.

Teachers/Educators' Orientation (free) and PD available for schools and group. Book your session today. Contact us or WhatsApp 91-7083501198

The best entries will make to Happier & Safer Showcase videos.

  • You can send us write up about the events with photograph and videos, we would be happy to publish them on NexShools.
  • Host a talk on Happier And Safer Internet for all - Experiences
  • Run Poster Competition in your school
  • Start a Conversation about ''Privacy Matters'', "Sharing Photos Online" in Your School
  • Host a Debate competition on the Issues
  • Know your school's online safety report by Student Internet Smart Survey -
     Every voice count....
    Digital Habit Survey - 8 to 12 years 
    How Internet Smart Are You? -  13 to 19 Years
    When your school participates in the survey then your are not just learning about your students' online safety habits but your helping the society in creating research based educational resources. We need your help so share it with your school students. We care privacy and understand the value of your personal information.
  •  Invite us for free talk on the HSI Week 2022
  • Pledge to Show Support

    I will be responsible for Happier and Safer Internet for all

    I will think before sharing, commenting, forwarding any text or image.

    I will not use technology to hurt others.  I will not pass harmful messages, images, or language that is hurtful.

    I will help those who are being cyber bullied.

  • Take Trainings to deep dive into media & information literacy & cyber Safety for teachers and children - Be A Change Maker  - Cyber Warrior Ambassador Certificate Course for teachers and students.
  • We are also inviting School Partners to make a difference as DigiSafe School Membership program 

Stories Out of Schools

Are you a school who cares more about cyber safety?

Have implemented cyber safety policy in your school?

Implemented it in everyday teaching practices?

If your answer is 'yes' then wait no more send us a write in 1000 words. We will be happy to publish in NexSchools.com.

It is free and open for all schools globally. Want to learn more  - Click here

Become DigiSafe School Partner

Integrate Cyber Safety Curriculum by NexSchools in your primary years and Middle to High School

- Teach cyber safety to children with our age-specific content packaged in the books. The best blended learning program to teach children online safety, netiquettes and digital wellness. Designed for interactive online sessions with handson experience.

 Cyber Safety Curriculum for schools - Primary and middle to high school students, First School Curriculum Designed for Cyber Safety, SChools Membership to support #HappierSaferInternet, #HSIWEEK

Have suggestions or ideas contact us

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Together, We Can Make #HappierSaferInternet

Get Involved with the India's largest and first cyber safety awareness campaign for children school, K12, students, teachers, educators, corporates, NGOs, Cyber Security experts for Happier And Safer Internet Expereinces #HSI2021, #HSIWeek2021 #HappierSaferInternet #IndiaHSI

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