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Humane Happiness Brought Value Based Education

Humane Happiness by Pramod Thumbe School Teacher, NexSchools PR services

Humane Happiness 2021, an international collaborative project drew it’s inspiration from ‘The Art of Happiness’ written by his holly highness Dalai Lama. Over 250 educators from 40 different countries along with their 3496 students joined the event which continued from January to April 2021. It focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by United Nations and 10 life skills laid down by World Health Organization.

Happiness' has become a key word in these volatile, unstable and chaotic times of COVID19 pandemic as children are facing depression, anxiety, and other socio-economic impacts in large numbers like never before. Unending lockdowns, uncontrollable social situations, lack of social activities, absence of peer interactions are a few reasons for this situation. According to UNICEF, 168 million children could not attend the school globally for almost an entire year.


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This when Pramod Thube, an English teacher from Maharashtra, India and his Life Skills Studio thought of ‘Humane Happiness’ project with the mission to train every single student and educator to be happy and to help them achieve lifelong happiness and master 'The Art of Happiness'.

 He explained, “Through our training sessions and activities like kindness Week, we empowered students with life skills like sympathy, a sense of optimism, mindfulness and kindness. Students were able to connect with other students from their own countries and across the world. This reduced the feeling of isolation, lack of peer interactions which is prevalent in this COVID19 pandemic”

The activities in Humane Happiness were conducted in three phases related to personal, collective and sustainable happiness. Knowing our Happiness Ambassadors, Happiness Skills Survey, Orientation and Trainings, Happiest Moment of the Day, Sound Mind in Sound Body, Happiness Pals Global Connections, Women in Action Week, OOSC (Out of School Children), Kindness Week, Calculating Our Ecological Footprints, Happy HeARTS (AIL: Art Integrated Learning), Humane Happiness Hours, Happiness Skills Survey (Post) were all the activities conducted during those ten weeks.

To empower Happiness Ambassadors (student participants) with skills to create 'Happiness' within themselves and the world, special opportunities were instilled with education that brought an understanding of the term 'Happiness'. Students could experience the joy of contribution towards social causes that are essential for effective understanding of global citizenship. Different activities supported in developing constructive habits, a sense of optimism and a skill of relationship building.

Humane Happiness has become a global platform for exchange of ideas and solutions. The project helped many to redefine happiness!


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