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Cyber Safety Awareness

NexSchools Youth Ambassador Program

NexSchools YAP - Youth Ambassador Program is an opportunity for high school, college students and youth to serve as leaders in raising awareness and support cutting-edge solutions for happiness on digital world.

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Commit to be a part of the Change Makers by joining NexSchools Youth Ambassador Program (YAP)

If you are a high school student, homeschooler, college, university student or youth or leader of a youth organization, then get involved to help inspire a national conversation for the first ever Cyber Safety Awareness Week in India about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

We will help you get involved in inspiring projects and many opportunities to make difference in the community. 

NexSchools YAP is currently focusing on building campus heroes and champions to expand it's efforts in Cyber Warrior Youth Network.

Who should sign up for the program:

Be a Voice - Speak for children and youth bring fresh perspective.

  • Strengthen critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving skills,
  • Be a digital leader and champion for – online safety, media, information and news literacy skills   
  • Speak up for real problems from the emerging tech world
  • Professional, real-world work relationships
  • Receive a letter of recommendation and certificates(t&c apply) for resumes or college applications
  • Celebrate your successes at a year-end event hosted by NexSchools on the occasion of HSIWeek2024
  • Opportunity for a representative from Nexschools to recognize your participation at a school assembly or other similar activity
  • Get involved more and get a chance to listed in NexSchools Featured Ambassadors
  • Spark the discussion in the international arena, UNESCO and other UN agency

Ambassadors have the chance to lead by examples and can join the leadership role in the NexSchools YAP (subject to fulfilling the specified criteria)

by supporting and signing up to support Happier And Safer Internet for all Week 2024.

We post all the updates on Instagram @NexSchoolsYAP

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Eligibility and Application Overview

All youth participant must:

Be between the ages 15 – 25 years

Be able to give 2 hours in a month

So what are you waiting for? Shine your future

When you officially sign up to support HSI Week 2024, you will recceive many ways to particiapte and contribute.

How to Volunteer?

Step1: Fill the registration form

Fill the form below (incase you are unable to fill it from here then click here)

Step2: Sign the Volunteer Agreement

You can find it here

You will have to join our groups on WhatsApp and Facebook

(This is really important as it is how we share projects and opportunities)

Include your signed agreement, completed registration form, headshot photograph and CV in the email. Done!

Email: supriya@nexschools.com

All you have to do is fill in the form to officially sign up to support HSI Week 2024 and see your name displayed on Wall of Support #HSIWeek2024
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Together, We Can Make #HappierSaferInternet

Get Involved with the India's largest and first cyber safety awareness campaign for children school, K12, students, teachers, educators, corporates, NGOs, Cyber Security experts for Happier And Safer Internet Expereinces #HSI2021, #HSIWeek2021 #HappierSaferInternet #IndiaHSI

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