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20May 2020

LOCKDOWN- A Curse Or A Boon

Posted by : Sulakshana Mahishi
Category : NexEd Bloggers Contest 2020
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On 21st March 2020, Indian Government declared “LOCKDOWN” in our country due to Corona (Covid-19) pandemic. The whole world is enveloped by this dangerous, unknown and contagious disease, for which no one has answer. To avoid chaos like other countries experiencing, our government immediately took this preventive step to save our citizens.

As this was declared, all of us were thinking that ….is this a good step? Let’s see how the LOCKDOWN acts as a boon to the human kind…..

It’s indirectly is helping in strengthening the relationships in a family. Families came together. They live together, collectively like “the flock of bird” or “the herd of animal”. They share their thoughts, feelings with each other .The work was divided amongst all the members of the family. They got engaged in playing indoor games viz: Ludo, Snake & Ladder, Cards, Carom, Chess etc.  Some organized themselves in art, music etc. The then busy parents are now able to give quality time to their innocent kids. Kids whom they had to leave behind in a Crèche or a Day Care Centre due to their work locks earlier, now they are getting their parent’s love…   the whole day. It is not only beneficial to humans but also to animals too. They are getting their natural habitat, NATURE, to wonder freely without the fear of demon or greedy humans. Pollution level is also decreasing. It has also helped everyone individually . Many are getting time to develop their hobbies, which they missed to develop due to their busy schedule. Some intellectuals are exploring the knowledge in this compulsory resting period. We can also call it as a boon as it challenged many scientists throughout the world to find out the vaccine for our survival. It’s also turned out as a boon as it cutting down the chain of spreading virus amongst humans or animals. This time is also turn out ideal for yoga, meditation, pranayam.

Now let’s discuss some bad effects. First servers like doctors, police, nurses, social workers are getting badly affected by this virus while doing their utmost duty, which we can call as the darker side of it.  The laborers who had come to work here, in big cities had to move to their native places to join their dear ones. But alas! The mode was not available; hence they decided to walk miles to reach their destination with elderly and children. In this process, many of them gave up their lives. The economy of various nations is adversely affected due to this lockdown remedy. Many small scale industries are suffering because of this malicious virus. Children are getting bored without their regular school and friends. Many are mentally affected. Housewives are not getting enough time to relax. They are incessantly into their household chores. This overview tells us that LOCKDOWN is surely a curse.

After all, the curse and the boon are the two sides of a coin. As a most intellectual species of evolution, what we take or do out of it depends on us. Agreed friends….?

Sulakshana Mahishi

PRT Facilitator

City International School, Kothrud. Pune



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Sulakshana Mahishi

I, Sulakshana Mahishi, am working as a PRT Facilitator in City International School, Kothrud, Pune from last five years.

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