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17Feb 2018

Raksha App for Children Safety

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The parents and school administrators both are equally worried about the children’s safety. Parenting itself comes with a wide range of challenges and toughest one nowadays is making sure that child is safe when you are not around. Similarly, the school administrators are busy and hassle of safety especially when children board the school bus from their home for the school and return trip is managing liability beyond the school boundaries.

The Raksha Kids app has taken into consideration all the worrying points of parents and school management and administrators to combine communication management system with high-end safety features.

Raksha Kids is a complete package using the latest technology for schools and parents to enhance child safety with easy to use mobile application. This innovation has taken the school management system to an advanced level by letting users access well-developed applications.

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Put a full stop to assumption and be sure with Raksha Kids App

It will make parents worry-free. Parents can monitor their children from home to school and back. Do all these questions compel you to assume and not confident?

  • Your children go to school in the morning and comes back later that afternoon.  FROM WHERE ARE THEY COMING BACK? 
  • All parents believe that their kids are coming from school. THEN WHY ARE MANY KIDS GOING MISSING OR BEING KIDNAPPED?
  • All parents believe that their kids are coming from college. THEN WHY DO MANY KIDS GET ADDICTED TO DRUGS AND BE A PART OF VARIOUS OBNOXIOUS ACTIVITIES?

All parents assume that their children are coming from school/college. 


Ease for School Management and School Administrators

It is not just the parent's app the innovative features can make the life of school management hassle free and easy too.

  • Track every school bus and children
  • Real-time notifications
  • Track multiple students
  • Raksha Transport is a mobile application built for school bus drivers/bus attendants.
  • The Raksha Transport app allows driver/attendant to see the list of students assigned to his/her bus.
  • Bus attendant can manually override the attendance if the student has forgotten the Raksha card.

You’ll be amazed to see the ease of using this app. Learn more about it in the presentation 

Great for the Communication

Here are some features to leverage communication between school, teacher, and parents with the use of The Raksha Kids Parent/Teachers App:

  • Student Attendance details with notification
  • Bus Attendance and location details/Tracking notification
  • Notifications from School Administrator
  • Messages and Homework from Class Teacher
  • Leave Letter
  • Class Time Table
  • School Diary
  • Media and Events
  • Student Marks card

Get all the notifications and details in the built-in Dashboard

Raksha Kids Dashboard is a web application provided to the school administrator. A personalized dashboard has the following features:

  • Attendance daily status
  • Students’ details of the entire school
  • Staff details of the entire school
  • School Diary/calendar
  • Send notifications to all parents
  • Vehicle details with real-time tracking
  • Daily Attendance list
  • Attendance Reports for one academic year
  • Automated absence / no show notification to Parents on a daily basis
  • Can track all the messages sent by teacher for the current year
  • Can track all the notifications sent by admin for the current year


"A step towards our child's safety "

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We developed a software for children security and safety for school management and parents. Parents can monitor child from home to school and back

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