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14Aug 2020

What is Internet

Posted by : Supragya Khanna
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Who invented Internet?
Long before when there wasn’t any internet, a man called Nikola Tesla came up with an idea of “Wireless World System” in the 1900’s. It was very hard because there wasn’t any technology at that time. In 1970 when technology started, computer scientists started a method called “packet switching” which means to transfer data around the world online. And that’s how internet started in January 1, 1983.

Benefits of internet:
Internet  is one of the most indispensables tools for the modern world. It has its many benefits if used in the right way. Internet has not only Ill effects but also positive.

  • Using internet by learning and playing increases creativity
  • Studying using the internet increases knowledge to children
  • It is the most useful tool to keep ourselves connected with our friends and loved ones through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.


Ill-effects of Internet:
People also tend to remain less physically active as they are glued to their smart phones, laptops etc. This poses serious damage to the health.

  • The worst thing about Internet is ‘Hacking’  which is basically when people/hackers take personal information of you when online, they can trick you easily and steal your information. TIP- You can also call the Cyber Police.
  • Remain safe online especially from the strangers by not giving our personal information, details, pictures etc. Consult an adult immediately if you come across a situation when the stranger tries to intrude into personal details.

The good thing is that is someone tries stealing your information you can block the user.

If given a choice I would choose that internet is fair and square

And by this I mean, if we learn to use internet in the right way, it has many benefits on the individuals. There are strict laws to protect people against the intruders so never hesitate to contact an adult or call Cyber Police for help.

  •  E.G- Someone can hack easily but also stop someone from hacking easily.                                                                                                    -Thank You



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