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Cyber Safety Awareness

Cyber Safety For K12 Schools -Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Get Involved in Cybersecurity Awareness Month by NexSchools NexSchools.com for schools, k12 parents teachers children
Week 2 - Cyber Safety For K12 Schools

Join us as we celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month -Week 2 - 12th October 2020- exclusively for schools

Here are some simple ways to get involved in Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Show your support by joining I SUPPORT To -
 Largest School Awareness Campaign by NexSchools For Happier & Safer Internet Experiences

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Stories Out of Schools

Are you a school who cares more about cyber safety?

Have implemented cyber safety policy in your school?

If your answer is  yes, then wait no more send us a write in 1000 words. We will be happy to publish in NexSchools.com.

It is free and open for all schools globally. Want to learn more  - Click here

Upcoming Events 

Webinar for Students on Cyber Safety Awareness 

This is a free webinar for students

Day & Date: Saturday, 17th Oct’20, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Brought you by Smile Foundation

Conducted by: Mradula Singh, Founder NexSchools

 Stay Safe Online NexSchools Cyber Safety Awareness Campaign-Building positive digital footprints

-To teach students what information is  appropriate to share& what kind of  interactions to avoid 

-Netiquettes & awareness about  possible online dangers


-Digital Participation certificate will be given to all who register & attend the session
-Zoom link will be shared on the 16th of Oct
-Fundraising appeal at the end of the session for voluntary contribution towards Smile  Foundation’s grass root level work. The donation link will be shared on the chat box during the Zoom session. 
***Connect with us for workshops in your school for primary, middle and high school students.

Talks and Guest Speakers

Our goal is to build awareness around the broad array of cyber safety, policies to take forward our mission of Safer & Happier Internet Experiences.

We invite the foot soldiers to share their experiences, tips and expertise this invitation especially extends to IT heads of the educational organizations and schools. The talks and speakers could be anybody who are working relentlessly on the ground beyond talks, implementing it in school ecosystems for protection of data and privacy by contributing their expertise.

Expert Talk Series

NexSchools has launced Expert Talk Series to bring the new, latest and meaningful conversation from the education and K12 schools.

Exper Talk - Busting 5 Myths of Cybersecurity Career

Want to know the Top 5 Cybersecurity Career Myths? Are you wondering if a cybersecurity career is a good choice for you? If your answer is YES then watch - Busting 5 Myths of Cybersecurity Career with Jesse Lyon, Cyber Thought Leader & Cyber Liability Expert in conversation with Mradula Singh, Founder NexSchools.  

Researchers predict cybercrime will be more than triple during the next five years, and the number of cybersecurity professionals employed to keep cyber crooks or thieves at bay will be in huge demand. The number of unfilled positions in cybersecurity could surpass 3 million globally creating a talent fissure that could cost businesses upto $6 trillion dollars .

 India alone needs 1 million Cyber Security professionals according to an estimate by the Data Security Council of India.


Exper Talk - Cyber Wellness Among Children and Youth

Cyber Wellness Among Children and Youth with expert guest Divya Jain, Sport and Counselling Psychologist, Head - Psychological Services, Fortis Healthcare Ltd. in conversation with Mraadula Singh, Founder NexSchools.

Stay tuned for a lots of insighful tips and ideas for parents, schools and children/teens for Cyber Wellness. Understand what we are doing and how can we go to add balances between our screens and life, schools and home. Great takeaways for both parents and schools.


mailContact us to join our erudite list of guest speakers.


School Activities Ideas 

There are a lot of ways schools can involve students to create awareness about cyber safety, we are sharing below some ideas. If you need support please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can send us write up about the events with photograph and vidoes, we would be happy to publish them on NexShools.

  1. Ask questions  
  2. Particiapate in discussions or start a conversation on WE ARE Parents Nexschools community on Facebook
  3. Host a talk on Be Cyber Smart
  4. Run Poster Competition in your school
  5. Start a Conversation about Consent in Your School
  6. Debate the Issues
  7. Take Trainings to deep dive into digital literacy & cyber Safety for teachers and children - Be A Change Maker  - Cyber Warrior Ambassador Certificate Course for teachers and students

Cyber Safety Initiatives by NexSchools

NexSchools celebrates Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October 2020

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