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Celebrating Success Stories Of Lil Bloggers

After running the Lil Bloggers Contest successfully for the past 4 years, the success stories and outcomes of the participants are invigorating and inspiring not just for our Lil Bloggers but hundreds of school going children.

It helps overcome the downside of the internet by leaving impressive and positive digital tail. Besides self-confidence in voicing out thoughts, opinions backed by critical thinking.

We are glad to share the Lil Bloggers Success Stories and outcomes from our association with hundreds of children.

This is dedicated to hundreds of children from 8 years to 19 years who have shown the way to our educators, if we can you, can too.

NexSchools Lil Bloggers' Community is 600+ strong and growing....

There are 600+ blogs published on the NexSchools website during Lil Bloggers Contest 2019 that concluded on 25 January 2019 and received whopping 1.2 Million visitors on the website in 2019 alone.

NexSchools has launched certificate course for children - Cyber Warrior Student Ambassador - Blog Writing Training + Cyber Safety

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Lil Bloggers Contest 2020 Registration Open Success Stories of Lil Bloggers Contest

Many children have been consistent bloggers on the NexSchools.com for the past 3 to 4 years from different cities and countries. They not only made it to the list of winners with flying-colors in 2019 but are now talking about their blogs with pride and achievement. Let’s hear it from our outstanding Lil Bloggers.

Glance through previous year

Winners of 2019 Lil Bloggers Contest 
Please glance through 2018 Contest


Agastaya Mitra NexSchools Lil Blogger Winner | Student Blog Contest | Kids Bloggers

Agastya Mitra, 13 years from Bangalore

Winner of Lil Blogger Contest 2019 in Pause For A Cause (Age Category 11 - 13 years)

Lil Blogger since 2016, he has a passion for teaching the underprivileged kids and environmentally conscious activist. Read More


Zain Haseeb Lil Bloggers Winner | Children Book AuthorZain Haseeb Author, 11 years from Pune

Winner of Lil Blogger Contest 2019 (Age Category 8 - 10 years)

 Lil Blogger since 2017, she has been participating in Lil Bloggers Contest since three years. Zain has published her first book tilted Magic Melody Power of  Kindness. Winner. Read More




NexSchools STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Partner Cyber Education Awareness for schools students and teachers

Samyukhta ChandraShekhar Lil Bloggers Contest Winner | School Student Blogging ContestSamyukhta Chandrashekhar, 10 years from Chennai

– Winner of Lil Blogger Contest 2019 (Age Category 8 - 10 years)

 Lil Blogger since 2017, working in school on innovative ideas in leadership role. She has been blogging regularly on NexSchools. 

"I am a 10 year old little blogger who loves to cook, write, read and dance. I am in class 5. I enjoy trying my hands on new and interesting recipes. I spend a lot of time reading books."




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Celebrating Success Stories Of Lil Bloggers

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