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What do you want to become when you grow up?

A typical question passed on from generations together and you will always find a dreamy-eyed child standing in front of this huge question mark many times not knowing what is the correct answer.

More importantly, whether there is a perfect answer to this question. Now, let us try and change the order, what if we ask a prospective parent what do you want to become, sounds strange right. But if a child needs to meet expectations then why not the parent.


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We all are aware that we are tempted to see our dreams realising through our child, our unfulfilled dreams are the ones where we drag our child to. Be a swimmer, cricketer, musician so on and so forth. Then the race starts…..the coaching the competition, the display of talent in front of relatives and friends…..all this but we fail to notice that the smile on the child’s face has vanished. This nowhere means that every child faces similar situations there are many who believe that every child grows at his/ her own pace and the right amount of nurturing is what is important.

The most important factor I believe is ACCEPTANCE of who you are as an adult and as a child because when a child witnesses a self -aware adult he/ she also becomes self-aware and is no longer conscious of his / her shortcomings as they see an adult who is also not perfect and understand that it is more important to understand what you can work on rather than just keep worrying about it.

Feel the freedom and pass it on. There is no point controlling something that is just not in your control and then fretting over it. What is in your hand is to maybe try to put some understanding and some unconditional love to it and then things will feel better and …..maybe the way we like it….more under control.

Be at peace and let people around you understand that this is the time when you want to show them that this is who you are and you are by their side. This puts more life in the relationship that you have with your child and both feel free not supressed under the pressure of performance.

Every parent is a CHAMPION……just breathe and be yourself.

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