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As Good As Seat Belts

Ruplai Dhamdhere

The year 2020 is a year full of opportunities.

It has compelled us to look at our normal life with a different perspective…..so here we are living in the new normal, which has almost become a way of life now. Even when the new year 2020 began we had no clue how this year is going to steer our lives and it is not just a section or a particular place or state the entire world has changed and is now looking at life with a new set of lenses.

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With so much restriction on movement and mingling with people we have now learnt to literally live in a virtual world. This world has not been new to us but now it is the new life line of existence.

The gadgets have a new role to play instead of mostly entertainment it is now a learning device. It is getting more people together virtually but this is with increased importance.

Cyber Safety For K12 Schools -Cybersecurity Awareness Month

With so much involvement of gadgets and the internet safety and security is something that just can’t be ignored. Now that we have become tech savvy as per the need of the time it is equally important to know about safety and security on the usage of the internet.

I would agree to Edward Snowden as he thinks, just mere arguing that you have nothing to hide so you don’t care about the privacy is just like saying that you have nothing to say because you don’t care about free speech.  Security maybe was considered as an inconvenience as we hated someone constantly watching over us but with the use of internet for almost everything right from messaging, staying in touch , shopping for essentials, sending help etc it has become a necessity.

Every time you use the internet you leave a digital footprint and it needs to be protected and it is wise to stay safe just like you look both ways before you cross the street. Always tread carefully and never reveal personal information.

Very rightly put by, Clay Shirly, "It used to be expensive to make things public and cheap to make them private. Now it is expensive to make things private and cheap to make them public."

Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere

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