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Cyber Safety Awareness

Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2021

Join India's First Cyber Safety awareness campaign 2021 for K12 kids, Youth, Children, Schools, Corporates, Foundationas, Governments, Educators, Mom Instagram influencers, LinkedIn Influencers, Edtech Companies, Cyber Security Students and Cyber Experts, Education Influencers, Get Involved with the cyber safe World, #HappierSaferInternet #HSIWeek2021 #HSI #NexSchoolsHSI

Challenges are surfacing in a very different way out there online therefore, it has become very vital to work towards making our world Happier & Safer, it is a shared responsibility, so come together and be a part of Happier & Safer Internet Experiences- for the first Cyber Safety Awareness Campaign Week from 1 -7 December 2021.

Every individual with right information can make informed decisions online and less likely to become victim of ignorance in the long run.

The objective is to raise the knowledge bar necessary skills for online safety and identify red flags. The digital citizenship will also be the core focus by making children understand the online dangers, rights comes with responsibility and online civility.

“Awareness mission "Happier & Safer Internet Experiences" aims to empower young children, girls, teachers and parents to further educate whole school communities in online safety and civility issues.”

Check out ways in which you can particiapate to make a difference on social media, at home, at work place or school, college or community.

Together, We Can Make #HappierSaferInternet

Get Involved with the India's largest and first cyber safety awareness campaign for children school, K12, students, teachers, educators, corporates, NGOs, Cyber Security experts for Happier And Safer Internet Expereinces #HSI2021, #HSIWeek2021 #HappierSaferInternet #IndiaHSI

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