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Cyber Safety Awareness

Youth Get Involved - Cyber Safety Awareness Week

Commit to be a part of the Change Maker Ambassador for NexSchools Cyber Warrior Youth Network by supporting and signing up to support Happier And Safer Internet Experiences Week 2021.

Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2021 for India, Youth For #HSIWeek #HappierSaferInternet Happier And Safer Internet Experiences , Campaign for Online Safety, College Students Get Involved , Youth Particiapte in India's very first Youth Campaign

If you are a college, university student or youth or leader of a youth organization, then get involved to help inspire a national conversation for the first ever Cyber Safety Awareness Week in India about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

When you officially sign up to support HSI Week 2021, you will recceive many ways to particiapte and contribute.

All you have to do is fill in the form to officially sign up to support HSI Week 2021 and see your name displayed on #HSIWeek2021 Wall of Support 





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Together, We Can Make #HappierSaferInternet

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