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Interesting DIY’s for Children on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and there is no better way to show how much you love her than with a special handmade gift. Instead of spending hours in different stores finding the perfect gift, make her something from scratch, which will definitely be appreciated more. Besides, there is no tension of going over-budget as these DIY’s can be easily made without worrying about expenditure. This Mother’s Day, treat your mom to something special that comes straight from your heart. Whether you are a toddler or a teenager, here are some easy DIY ideas for this Mother’s Day:

DIY’s Ideas for Pre-Schoolers

With a little help from your father, pre-schoolers can come up with exciting DIY’s gifts for their mother’s:

Mom Recipe Book DIYHandmade Mother’s Day Card: Cards are the best way to show someone how much you love them. Let your child explore their creativity with different designs and colours on paper. As a parent, you can help them write their personalized message for their mother also.

Handmade Paintings: Simply purchase a blank canvas from a paint supply store and create something personal and unique by dipping your child’s hands and feet in paint and imprinting them on the canvas. You can also trace a design first on the blank canvas and use their fingerprints to fill it in with colours.

DIY’s Ideas for Children Between 6 to 9 years

Customized Bracelet: There is nothing like a beautiful personalized bracelet as a gift from your child. Using simple and inexpensive threads and beads from the market, give your little one a chance to create something unique for you on mother’s day.

Stamped Towels: If you and your little one love spending time in the kitchen, then this could be a great way to brighten up cleaning time. Using plain white tea towels, citrus fruits like lemon, orange or even potato and fabric paint, dip the fruit in the paint (just enough to coast the sliced part of the fruit) and stamp them on the towel. Use different fruits and vegetables to create something unique and fun.

Mother's Day DIY Jar

Specialized Messages in a Jar: Take a mason jar and fill it up with 50 to 100 personalized messages, each describing your mother. Then make her pick out one slip at a time, reading them aloud at the same time. This gift is sure to make her feel extraordinary and warm on her special day.

Picture Perfect: Pictures are forever. They are the best way to remind us of happy times. With the help of your child, pick out the best family pictures or even click new ones and post them on a chart paper or an album along with a few lines describing the photo.

DIY’s Ideas for Children Between 10 to 12 years

Dotted Mugs and Cups: This is a simple and fun way to lighten up your mother’s everyday plain mug. Just use a precision Q tip and her favourite nail polish colour to paint small and beautiful dots on her mug. Wait for it to dry before giving it to her. If you are good at painting, then try making some cute designs as well.

Personalized Gift Basket: If you have some pocket money saved, load up a beautiful gift basket with her favourite chocolates, candies, fruits, lotions, foot creams and maybe, even a gift certificate to her favourite spa place.

Breakfast In Bed: This one never gets too old. Your mum works every day in the kitchen to whip up something delicious for you. On her special day, wake up early and cook her, her favourite breakfast using your father’s help. Add a single rose next to her plate for a special touch.

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DIY’s Ideas for Teenagers

Handmade Cakes and Cupcakes: If your child is fond of baking, then there is nothing better than spending time with your teenaged child while baking delicious treats. Moreover, store-bought cakes and cupcakes don’t hold a chance against something baked personally with your child. You can even let your child frost a personalized message on the cake for you.

DIY Sugar Scrubs: Who does not love pampering themselves? Gift your mother to this sweet smelling sugar scrub and make her feel like she’s on vacation. You will need – 1 Cup Granulate Sugar, 2 Tea Bags (you can choose any flavour), ¼ Cup Jojoba Oil, Orange Essential Oil. Mix everything in a bowl and store it in an airtight container.

DIY Recipe Book: If your mother is fond of cooking, then this quirky handmade cookbook would be extra special for her. All you need is a notebook with a stripped cover, ribbon, paint, craft paper and a wooden spoon. First, paint the wooden spoon in a stripped design using tape and paint. Then divide the book into different sections such as cakes, cookies, salads, breads and so on. For each section, cut the craft paper into small circles and glue to it. You can also add a paper clip for something more unique. For the front, make two holes and run the ribbon through it. Place the spoon and tie it with the ribbon.

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