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Guest post contributed by Yun Jeong-hyun, on the occasion of Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2021.

Yun Jeong-hyun, a teacher at Jeongnamjin Industrial High School in South Jeolla Province, South Korea, has been Guest post contributed by Yun Jeong-hyun, Korean Teacher on the occasion of #HSIWeek2021teaching students at schools in rural areas for 29 years out of his 30-year teaching career. It has recorded the highest license acquisition rate in the country, which is directly related to the career path of specialized high school students, and has also been focusing on character education for students through talent-sharing volunteer work. Also called the Nobel Prize in education, he was one of the top 10 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize in 2020.

I'm a teacher. The students are my customers. Excellent students, students with poor grades, and students with poor conduct are all my customers. Without students, teachers do not exist. I think teachers are also a kind of service industry. People in the service industry should do their best to customers.

Basic education is important for students. It is also important to develop the ability to do things on your own. Based on the skills you learned in school, you can go out to society and apply it and show your creativity. Just because schools provide creative education, not all students can develop creativity. Various experiences and skills are important to students.

Also, it is important for students to develop the ability to do things on their own in school education. In other words, schools teach students how to fish. It's not a place to fish and give it to students.

There are two driving forces behind my achievements. I have a strong spirit of challenge that does not give up and constantly challenges. If there was no solution, I tried to find a solution. I tried without giving up until the end. It also adapted well to the change. This is the most important factor. Even in the history of the Earth, the strong did not survive. Animals and plants that adapted well to the change survived. I taught according to the level of the students. In addition, students were educated in accordance with changes in the industrial environment and occupations.

Good choice and concentration are the second factor. Teaching students skills takes a lot of time. It is impossible for me to teach many students alone after school. So I selected excellent and quick-learning students as the leading students and directed them first. When the leading students finished their studies, they passed on their skills and learning to other students in the form of a pyramid and divided them into small groups by technology and certificate. The key point was to put the student in the right position and concentrate all the resources.

It is impossible for a teacher to know everything and educate students. If a teacher does not know, he or she should find a way and teach students. If there is no way, you have to find a way.

Although I am computer illiterate, I found a way to teach computers and educated students to obtain the most computer certificates among Korean high schools. If I didn't find a way because I didn't know how to use a computer, maybe my students would have graduated without knowing how to use it. I tried and thought more than others to find a way myself. And I overcame difficulties. I found that way and continued to pursue it without giving up. Everything has a way. People just don't try and think about finding a way.

If you run into a difficulty while challenging, you can go back. There are always more than two branches of a tree. You can do it in one of the two ways. There are always curiosity and regrets about the path that I have not taken. You may reach your goal, but sometimes you don't. I didn't reach my goal, but I got close to it

If I hadn't put in the effort, nothing would have been achieved. The plan is only a plan, the beginning is only a beginning. You can't achieve anything if you don't plan and work hard.

Educating students well and sending them to society is to develop individual students, develop society, and develop the nation. It also contributes to world development.

First Penguin means the first penguin to jump into the sea when everyone hesitates and looks around. It means a pioneer who bravely challenges beyond the current uncertainty. There are many prey for penguins in the sea, but there are also many enemies of penguins such as seals. The First Penguin plays a role in bringing about other penguins' participation and challenges in dangerous and uncertain situations. I actively support you who challenge like first penguins to create a more advanced and livable world.

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