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Transform Walls Beyond Whiteboard In Schools

Creativity, Engagement, Learning Achievements, Collaboration – This is every school’s dream. It is probably your dream too. Most schools go great lengths to improve it all, year after year. What if schools can add a simple writable wall to make all this happen? Read to know more about the walls making a difference in schools.

We are going to share a story of two giant companies Google and Facebook who have added writable walls in their office premises and have achieved higher engagement boosted productivity and creativity amongst employees and what more employees now look forward to going to work and sharing their ideas. This impossible task was possible with writable walls without spending millions of dollars.

If businesses and universities like Harvard and Yale can succeed with engagement, creativity and effective learning outcome by installing writable dry erase walls then why not schools”, thought founder of WriteOnWalls, Shaishav Khare.

Here he is explaining all about WriteOnWalls which is transforming the school's walls for learning and teaching.

“Having Writable walls is useful for educators, children, schools, preschools and everybody who would like to express creatively and probably intelligently too.”

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Teacher’s Top 2 Challenges

#1 Getting Attention of Students fixed on Whiteboard

The educators around the world are struggling to get the attention of the children in the schools and classrooms. The boring whiteboard fixed at one place neither excites children about learning nor it can accommodate, many concepts in a series put together for brain-storming, understanding and maybe keep it for reinforcement before shifting to a very new topic after the bell rings is not possible at all on 5 by 6 feet whiteboard.

A simple addition with writable walls can make all the difference in the classrooms and schools. 

#2 Engaging Every Student with Different Learning Style

Most teachers find the engagement most difficult in a classroom packed with a large number of students. Ask any teacher and she will tell you - every child is different. Each child has a different speed of grasping and absorbing content. Balancing students with different learning styles in a class with a fixed curriculum and vastly different needs is one of the biggest problems faced today by teachers in elementary and middle schools.

While in preschool, limited resources to express stalls the creative milestones among preschoolers which later may result in a delay in writing, limiting exploration and curiosity bent of mind.

A large writable wall that can work as idea wall or practice space or group activity can cater to the problem of teachers who are not able to balance the learning needs of all the children. The whiteboard or blackboard limit the resources needed for effective communication and engagement. Replace your whiteboard with writable walls to see the difference.

Writable Walls are ending engagement struggle amongst students

The boring classrooms can work as fueling creativity by writable walls, the study already revealed to have increased engagement and achievement of students. Yes, the writable walls have brought transformation in giant working spaces like Google and Facebook, in top universities like Harvard and Yale.

The same insights can transform the teach and learn with the writable walls in schools, preschools and classrooms.

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Versatile Use of Writable Walls Versus White Boards

The comparison between the traditional whiteboard and writable dry erase walls is inevitable for the educators and principals at some point. Weighing the cost with the versatile use of walls in schools other than just the novelty of being able to write on the walls comes naturally for every school and preschool administrator.

We thought why not break up the advantages for you with some research to back why writing on walls and why it is highly recommended to replace whiteboards:

Table writable with dry erase paint Write On Walls

  • Formally forbidden surfaces for writing, scribbling and doodling with ideas in itself can be very stimulating to students as a positive learning environment.
  • It frees them to break out of the typical norms of behavior (no writing on walls) and puts students in the different frame of mind that is open to absorb new ideas.
  • It also adds an element of fun and interactivity, many studies have shown that empowering people to have fun as they learn helps:
  • Increase achievement
  • Increase motivation and engagement
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Breaks from teacher-led learning classroom
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Provides opportunities for the inter-personal interaction

Compare the Specs of White Board with Writable Walls

  • Large horizontal space rather than dull whiteboard hanging on the wall.
  • It works as a projection screen ‘
  • Writable walls have the capability to work like a magnetic board whereas a small whiteboard is just used for writing.
  • By simple application on walls and partitions, one can create a writable surface in virtually any size, no breaking and nailing, unlike the whiteboard.
  • Writable walls can be of any size/design whereas the whiteboard is very small size mostly rectangle.
  • Whiteboard is always white in color, writable walls can be of any color, it is boundless.
  • Its high gloss surface allows smooth writing and it is fully erasable.
  • The writable paints crafted with an environment in mind and boast to no Volatile Organic Compounds VOC). So students can get pure air quality in the classroom. Disposing of the worn out whiteboard is a big challenge.
  • All the walls in preschools and schools will shine without a mark on the walls when administrators choose not to use it for doodling particularly in common areas of the school building.

If we distill these challenges to the major areas of schools and preschools that have become challenges in modern time, a common theme emerges - teachers want better tools to communicate with students, resources that will work like learning aid and ofcourse, students want to break away from the whiteboard based teacher-led lectures.

Did we miss any? We all know there are challenges in the classroom yet education is vital so is our schools, so let us try it with writable walls.

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