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27May 2021

Chennai`s hot bed of heritage and culture

Posted by : Samyuktha Chandrashekar
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Recently, I participated in a discussion about preserving Chennai city’s almost forgotten heritage sites hosted by ‘Madras inherited’.

It was such an enriching discussion with all of us ideating on how to preserve cultural buildings. Learning about buildings that I didn’t know made me really inquisitive about Chennai's history. The opportunity gave me a one-of-a-kind experience! Not to forget, I made a lot of new friends too! While reading a little bit about the rich Tamil culture, I was intrigued about Mylapore… I have penned down my favorite info about Mylapore here!

 Mylapore, one of the busiest and crowded places in Chennai on all 7 days of the week. It is known for its rich culture and tourist spots, let's weave through the history!

This beautiful place is also called Mayil aarparikkum oor or Mayilai.

Here are a few facts about Mylai:

It had one of the most ancient seaports in the world which aided the people to engage in trade with the Roman empire. Ancient gold coins were also unearthed during excavations. Mylapore is also claimed to be the birthplace of the well-known Thamizh poet & philosopher Thiruvalluvar who has authored the exceptional ‘Thirukural’ in 200 BC.

Temples and the rich culture of Mylapore:

The Adikesava Temple and Kapaleeshwarar temple:

It is said that 'Pey Alwar', one of the 12 Alvar saints who are affiliated to Vaishnava tradition, was born in a pond of lilies in Mylai dating back to 4203 BC.

The Adikesava temple is a famous place of worship dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Saints Sambandar and Appar who are known for being affiliated with Shaivism, have written and sung about Mylai in their hymns in the theThevaram, praising the beauty of the place. 

The exquisite grand Pallava structure built in the 7th century and re-constructed in the 16th century-Kapaleeshwarar temple is the pride of Mylapore and a significant place of worship. The first structure was the beacon of light for ships at the port. Portuguese destroyed the first temple to construct Santhome Basilica’ in the 16th century. A new temple was constructed with the remains of the demolished kapaleeshwarar temple in the 16th century.

A blend of cultures:

A very fascinating building with unparalleled architecture is the Ramakrishna Mutt. This architecture was a  blend of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christian styles. The organization was started in1897 by Saint, Swami Ramakrishnandha

P.s senior secondary school was founded by Mr. Pennathur Subramania Iyer on June 9th, 1976 to aid the Central Government employees and the public in their children’s education. He is also the man behind the underground Sewage system of Mylapore and also constructed the stormwater drain to the Kapleeshwarar temple's tank

A grandiose church:

Church of Our Lady of Light which is commonly known as the Luz Church is one of the icons and landmarks of Mylapore. It is among one of the oldest standing Christian structures in all of India! This was built in 1516 (16th century) by the Portuguese. This is a really elegant and classical European-style building.

Arupathu moovar festival:

The joyous ‘Arubathu Moovar’ festival is celebrated to honor the 63 nayanmargal (63 saints) who were devoted to Lord Shiva along with the Alwars. This takes place in the Kapaleeshwarar temple. Grand, colorful processions take place during this jovial festival.The celebration filled with traditional games and contests for everyone! Carnatic music performances also take place in the famous music sabhas in Mylapore.

Mylapore has been the hotbed of heritage n culture for millennia.What we have seen here is the tip of the iceberg. There’s heaps left-Food, clothing, and whatnot!

 More to come in the next part...

Image credits:https://happyeasygo.wordpress.com,temple@dinamalar,YAYSKOOL,Afreen Travel Bug,chennaimath.org

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Mradula Singh May 29 2021 5:07AM

Some enlightening details for all of us about so many heritage sites. I enjoyed reading this post :)


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