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15May 2018

Enjoy Life

Posted by : C M International School
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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We get life once. So live freely and fully. No one knows how much we are going to live. Life is fun, enjoy it. Love people, help people serve people is my biggest motto of life.

Even for me life is a big roller coaster where I have seen ups and down. I fell, I cried but agian I got up and started my journey of life. Lot of obstacles may come in your life but we should not stop. Life is like a river we have to keep flowing. There should be no stop button in our life. As life is the fun I already said live a contented life. To add more beauty to my life I have family, friends and others. Apart from all most important I have my God My parents, most important part of my life. I love them, respect them and enjoy my life with them.

I believe in simple living and high thinking as Mahatma Gandhi use to say. My life is complete enjoyment. My day starts from school my second home I enjoy studying, playing with them. After coming home I get good food to eat, I play fun games with my father and my day ends with happiness.

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