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27Feb 2020

Future Plans of Marvel

Posted by : Rituraj Gotarne
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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As kids, we all are fond of heroes and everyone wants to be a hero in his or her way. One of the biggest inspiration is “MARVEL STUDIOS “  ,  they have made everything so fascinating in the world of heroes . Let’s keep our excitement continued as I open up a goody blog of films in the making. 

Marvel Studios journey started in 2008 with a film named “IRON MAN”.  It took 5 years to make a proper panel and universe. At last, it was time to see everyone assembled in the year 2012 with the film named “THE AVENGERS”. Directed by Joss Whedon and produced by Kevin Feige, its box office collection was 151.9 USD. As you know the latest movie was “SPIDER MAN: FAR FROM HOME” which left us heartbroken.

My excitement to watch “MARVEL” films in the making is uncontrollable

I am also excited to reveal the future plans of “MARVEL” which will bring in front of us in the next few years.

Starting with “BLACK WIDOW” releasing on 1st MAY 2020 in your theaters.

A film about Natasha Romanoff in her quest between the film Civil War and Infinity War.

Did you know? Both Scarlett   Johansson and Marvel expressed interest in a potential solo film several times over the following years, before development progressed with the carry of Jac Schaeffer and Cate Shortand has no experience in direction big budget action films. More clarity required here..

The subsequent film is “ETERNALS” , it is expected to be released on 5th November 2020. This movie is  about a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilization.

There is a lot more in the store, the upcoming movie is about the “Master of Kung-Fu, “SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND OF TEN RINGS”. It will be released on 11th February 2021, it is based on the Marvel comic in which he will face a massive villain.

The next film I am going to talk about is the most awaited film in  phase four. “DOCTOR STRANGE INTO THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS”, it will be released on 5th May 2021.  This film is about MR. Strange and Wanda Maximoff.They have to face problems and fight against evil forces in the multiverse.

Finally, the last film of phase four is “THOR LOVE AND THUNDER”..according to me this movie will make billions of dollars in the box office. Directed by Taika Waititi and produced by Kevin Feige, “THOR LOVE AND THUNDER”. Its plot might be unknown but still by seeing Natalie Portman in the poster of the film that also with Mjolnir with her makes the plot interesting.


This phase is really going to be amazing but the sad news is that there is no avenger’s film. No matter what, if there is no avenger film but  Marvel is trying to entertain us and trying to surprise us with new heroes. For now this much, meet you in my next blog.




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Sunila Sapre Feb 28 2020 10:46PM

Thanks for your educating us about the Marvel Studios Ruturaj!!!


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Rituraj Gotarne

I study in sixth grade, I am fond of football and a great Marvel fan, read my blog to get into the universe of marvel.

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