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23May 2017

How to Handle Your Annoyingly Bratty Little Sibling

Posted by : Manya Singh
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Do you have an annoyingly bratty little sibling at home who makes you want to run out of the house screaming? You have my deepest sympathy and I congratulate you for still being in one piece. I swear I nearly lost my head, my leg and all sanity that I had once. It may be the best thing in the world to have a younger sibling but it can also be really challenging. I’m going to write about how to handle their crazy antics without getting into fights and how to make sure you get along.


Imagine yourself crashing on your bed and listening to music and your mom comes in and tells you to clean up the mess in the room. You say it was your younger brother/sister and then you realize they’ve sneaked off to play and left you to clean the room. You want to go down and strangle them but since you’re a nice and responsible elder brother/sister you clean up everything and leave your sibling alone.

How to avoid this?

If your sibling is from ages 3-8 you can make it look like a competition. Just casually go up to him/her and say, “Let’s see who can keep our room/own room/house the cleanest. There’ll be black stars for each time the room is dirty and red stars when it is clean. The one with the most red stars wins and get a gift from the other.” In the beginning, you will have to let them think they’re winning and then level up the competition. If their eyes are growing as wide as saucers and seem to be popping right out of their heads they’re certainly considering it. But if your sibling is more older or mature you just have to sort it out by talking. I’m really sorry but I can’t help you out with that.


 You are lucky if your sibling is a ‘You mind your own business and I’ll mind mine’ type but if you have siblings who are totally opposite to this statement then this is just for you. They know all your secrets and always blackmail you to do stuff or they’re gonna blab that secret to the whole world. Or maybe your sibling is like a jack-in-the-box they jump out most unexpectedly between you and your friends and are like, “What are you talking about,” and keep on blabbing anything about you that isn’t true.

What to do?

Try to talk to your parents about this. Usually, they just say something to them once and if you try and bring back the topic your parents just shush you and tell you to sort it out on your own because they’re too tired of us fighting. Make sure that you tell them very classified information which won’t do you any harm. You can talk to them to seek some help. Say things like, “I need private space,” or "this is really getting out of hand, please have a word with him/her."

If all this doesn’t work then you could try your sibling's own tactics against them.  Try to make sure that they don’t go and complain to your parents because just one of their pretty lies and you’re doomed.


Does your sibling always throw a mega tantrum or have a shouting match with you for every little offense you commit against them? It would be so nice to throw one tantrum yourself to counterattack and get noticed by your parents. Siblings, with their sweet angelic faces, (correction, with their sweet angelic faces of doom) are supposed to be incapable of lying as perceived by the world. Their tantrums can’t be ignored and if they are then, oh boy! is the house going to explode.


I recommend that you hire the best lawyer there is for your case against the angel of doom. If you don’t have an allowance that’s big enough then make your own strategy and stay as far as from this catastrophe as you can. You might need to call the animal control, and for extra measures keep earplugs with you at all times. There is still no other proper method to control them.

Annoying you on purpose

It is common knowledge that younger siblings always love to annoy their elder siblings. It could be while you’re reading a book or if you’re sitting around doing nothing.


Try and talk to them and tell them that it well…… annoys you and that you would really appreciate it if they stopped. If this doesn’t work at all just ignore them and don’t give any reaction. They’ll stop after sometime because if you don’t get annoyed, they won’t have fun and eventually it will stop.


There always comes a point in some argument when we wield are weapons and start hitting each other. How much ever you try to avoid it, it does happen occasionally.


Whatever you do and how much ever you are tempted to, do not retaliate and stay calm. Walk away from the fight. Suppose your sibling pulls your hair or punches you do not answer back. If you walk away there is a chance they’ll stop but if not the only option is to consult your parents.

That is all the advice I have to give. Even though they do annoy us we all secretly know that we won’t be able to live without these tiny little monsters. If any of these solutions don’t work you can leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: Some points may have been a little over exaggerated to make it more entertaining but without siblings, life would never be complete.


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