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Summer Break Practical Activities to do at Home

Summer is almost here!! Whenever we think of summer, we always end up thinking about some fun exciting outdoor activities like visiting our relatives, going on a trip, cycling, trekking etc. We all love being outdoors, don’t we? But during summers it is not always possible to involve in some outdoor fun because of this scorching heat, as a result of which children start showing signs of boredom. As a solution to this, we need to engage our kids in some very exciting indoor activities, which will keep them on their toes and will never let them get so bored easily.  These home activities will not only help them stay active during summers but will also help them bond well with their friends and family members.  Let us foster family bonding, love, affection, and happiness this summer.

Summer holidays at home

Here are some of the practical indoor activities for your children to make their summer break a lot more fun and will also help in reducing their TV and screen time.

Make a Bird House or Bird Feeder

As much as we suffer due to the excessive heat, even the animals suffer in the same manner. Make your child aware of this and together make a bird house or a bird feeder for tiny birds that come to your house looking for some water. This could be a fun activity as it will keep your child engaged and will also make your child more sensitive towards the needs of the other creatures.

Go Picnicking in your Garden

Why go for a picnic far off, when you can do it in your backyard or common park area or even on the balcony. A picnic is loved by everyone. Eating a meal outside makes this entire experience an adventure, and why not involve your kids in this? Make a plan with your children for this picnic, decide a menu, act as if you are going far off to some beautiful place for the picnic, pack a picnic bag, identify some games that you would like to play with your kids and most importantly find a perfect place for this exciting picnic.

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Summer Break Practical Activities to do at Home

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Art and Craft at Home

Summer vacations have always been about doing craft work at home while the sun is shining bright outside. Make your child bring out the artist in him/her by motivating them to take up new art project every day. You can decorate their room or your house with these art pieces. There are many craft activities that can keep your child occupied and creative, a little supervision and guidance can bring awesome crafty side up. Some of the ideas are listed below

  • Make a Dream Catcher
  • Make a Dream Catcher
  • Paint the  Bedroom’s Wall
  • Make Jewelry out of Beads
  • Origami and Paper Mache
  • Paints small rocks and make paperweights
  • Wall Hangings
  • Photo Frames etc.

Develop a Kitchen Garden

Kids love being a part of nature and so why not introduce them to the world of gardening. Explain to them the importance of having plants around us. Teach them how to plant flowers or vegetables in a pot. Let the child be involved with his plants as much as possible, make him/her the responsible ones for taking care of the plants. This will develop a sense of responsibility in them.  During the gardening hour explain to the kids how plants drink water and how the needs of one plant are different from the other, doing this will help you impart a little science lesson to your child and who knows gardening might turn out to be their hobby in the near future. 

Make a Fort

In peak summers, it is not possible to set up a tent outside. We all know kids love to set up a tent and play in it, so prepare a fort inside your house, maybe in your child’s room, make use of old blankets, bed sheets or cardboards and make a super cute small fort for your kids to play during summer afternoons. It doesn’t require much of a time and kids can play together with their dolls, cars and kitchen sets without having to go outside in the sun.

No Flame Cooking

Cooking always fascinates the kids but letting your child use knives and gas stove for it might sound risky. So we have come up with a solution for this, why not introduce the concept of flameless cooking to your child, and let him/her show their master chef skills to the world. Cooking will not only keep the kids busy but they will also develop a bond with their parents and friends with whom they are planning to cook.

In summers, kids make lots of demands regarding the food they want to eat and therefore this might sound a great activity to teach them how to satisfy their cravings by keeping themselves busy. Some of the dishes that the kids can make while indulging in flameless cooking are:

  • Vegetable Cheese Sandwich
  • Fruit Chaat
  • Bhel
  • Vegetables and Sprouts Salads
  • Kulfi etc.

Movie Screening

Watching a movie is a perfect way to spend your lazy afternoons. Arrange a movie screening for your child and his/her friends. Make some Act II Popcorns and some nice homemade drink like Lemonade, Aam Panaa or simple buttermilk and enjoy the movie session with your child in a dark room. Arrange for a movie which might be of their interest and for a change a movie that can be inspirational or one with some educational significance.

Make Ice Popsicles

What can beat the summer heat better than Ice Popsicles? Easy to make, these can be of great interest to the kids. Let the kids make ice popsicles of their choice by adding some fresh fruits and some juice and by putting it into the freezer for some time. If this sounds difficult for them, give your child some crushed ice and let him/her make a popsicle out of it with a stick, simply dip it in some flavored essence or juice and voila here is your desi Ice Popsicle known as ‘Barf ka Gola’, refreshing as well as hygienic.

A Treasure Hunt

Your kids are extremely bored and dull during their summer vacations, arrange a treasure hunt for them, with their friends, set up clues at different places in your house and divide them into teams. They will end up spending the entire day playing treasure hunt. This activity will not only teach them how to do collaborative work but will also teach them how to crack codes and reach to a solution.

Karaoke Night

Music is the answer to everything. Arrange a Karaoke night for all the family members and sing your heart out the entire evening. Download all the Karaoke tracks of the songs you like, get a microphone and start singing. This will be a fun activity to ensure a good family time.

Make a Photo Book

Let your child go back to the memory lane and cherish the olden days. Give him/her all the old pictures and let your child prepare a nice photo book, saving all the happy memories together, the photos can be organized in the best creative manner, this will help your child to bring out his/her creativity and will help them revisit their memories.

These are some of the fun and practical activities that you can make your child do during this summer vacation at home. Make use of the free time that your child has, let your creativity soar high and you will end up with more creative ideas to keep your child engaged this summer vacation. Have a lovely time with your child!

Happy summers!!                                                                                                               

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