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09Jun 2021

Imapct Of 5G

Posted by : Ameya Chadawar
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Hello everyone!! Welcome to my blog. Today many people are talking about 5G and I am here to  share some positive effects as well as some negative effects. So you will understand if 5G is really harmful or not.

What is 5G?

 It is the 5th generation standard of Cellular Mobile Network.It started rolling out first in 2019 and is said to be the successor of 4G.Like its predecessors they are cellular networks in which the service areas are divided into small geographical areas called cells.All the 5G devices are connected to the internet and the telephones network through radio waves.These radio waves are not harmful to human body,this is a very important point!!

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Positive Side Of 5G 

  • Speed: The main and the most significant benefit is that the mobile data speeds would skyrocket, striking 300mbps to 1Gbps it means that a person can download large files or apps in flashes. Due to this, our lives would become more comfortable as we would no longer need to wait for files to get downloaded.
  • Latency: Latency is the time taken by the signal to travel to its destination and back to the server. Earlier latency of 4G was about 50ms but with 5G it drops to 1 ms. See now something I call speed!!
  • Increased capacity: As per intel.com 5G will deliver up to 1000x more speed than 4G. It will be of exceptional benefit for IoT(Internet of Things) as 5G goes hand in hand with it. It will revolutionise industries, farms, homes, cities and factories as hundreds and thousands of devices would be connected in a network and would be communicating. That would be so amazing!!
  • Network Slicing: The 5G also allows to implement virtual networks (network slicing), create subnets, in order to provide connectivity more adjusted to specific needs.The creation of subnetworks will give specific characteristics to a part of the network, being a programmable network and will allow to prioritize connections, as could be the emergencies in front of other users, applying for example different latencies or prioritizing them in the connection to the network so that they can’t be affected by possible overloads of the mobile network.

Down Side of 5G

  • Security concerns: As the 5G systems would be mostly software-based it would have more routing points. So all of these points would need to be monitored. Hence the unsecured points would be vulnerable to the other parts of networks and to hacking as well. The speed of 4G was slow, so it was easier to keep it protected. But the speed of 5G has increased immensely. So it has become tougher to keep it secure causing a cybersecurity threat. Some IoT manufacturers also don't prioritise cybersecurity for manufacturing low-grade products. As 5G provides more utility to IoT it also has provided more potential. As millions of smart devices such as TVs, mobiles, etc. are involved, it is more prone to breaches. This is the result of the lack of security standards maintained by IoT devices.
  • Lack of encryption early in the connection process: 5G reveals device info that can be used for device-specific IoT targeted attacks. This information helps hackers know what devices are connected to the network. Details such as operating system and device type (smartphone, vehicle modem, etc.) can help hackers plan their attacks with more precision.

The merits of 5G clearly outweigh the demerits as per the studies conducted till now.  Also the 5G waves are not so  harmful as it is propagated  by the scientific community for our daily lives. Also if the IoT manufacturers take care of all the standards then most of the problem would be solved. By taking some risk we can get a much faster speed than 4G, low latency, more innovation in a lot of sectors and network slicing. I think 5G is going to revolutionise the world in the coming years.

What do you people think? Drop your comments below and stay tuned for another interesting blog.


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